Wallace Huey, Spiritual Facilitator

Bust Through your Blocks

It's what you can’t see that’s holding you back!

60 minutes with a Spiritual Facilitator 

You'll have...

►  Ah Ha moments

►  Laughter at how ridiculous we all are, once we see ourselves clearly through all the confusion

►  A sense of release from self imposed limitations.

The next Open Evening

The Wisdom Centre, In The Sophia Centre, 25 Cork Street, Dublin 8
Date - Wednesday 21th August
Time - 7.00-8.30pm

Cost is €0 (complimentary)
Value ~ priceless

To book your place register at Meetup.com

To speak to Wallace ring 0872466096


Imagine if - with the help of personal development - the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities, charities, organizations and businesses... what kind of a world would this create?

Inspiring Quotes

Wallace Huey’s picture quotes are beautiful and designed to give you instant insights into life, its meaning and how it can best be lived. Feel free to copy them to friends and brighten their day.

About Wallace

Wallace is author of 'Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off' and was formerly CEO of the Irish personal development training company, Trans4mind.

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