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Wallace Huey, Spiritual Teacher
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There are no fees for being a participant on The Spiritual Path, for The Chrysalis support group, for the assistance of your facilitator or for any of the online trainings.

Anything is possible for yourself and your life from participating in our online Spiritual Path...

Wallace on Clare Island

Wallace’s Story

Wallace started life training to be an architect. This went well until he developed paranoid schizophrenia and chronic depression, which meant that he first had to abandon his studies and then several years later abandon his career.

It wasn’t just abandoning his career, it was abandoning having any career, such were the debilitating effects of living with his mental condition.

Not easy.

As a consequence he found himself living a solitary life in an attic room in a small terrace house in a war zone in Belfast. After two years feeling suicidal Wallace had a life changing experience where, after crying out for help, he heard a “voice” speaking to him and guiding him on the healing path. During this solitary and troubled time he turned to the only help available, reading self-help books. After a shaky start to his healing journey Wallace became very motivated to follow the steps this voice, which he now realised was his inner guidance, gave to heal himself from his deeply troubling mental condition. Through following this inner guidance Wallace eventually healed from the worst effects of his schizophrenia and depression, and went on to meet Carolyn, his soulmate, move to Dublin and get married. While in Dublin he continued to follow his inner guidance by starting out as a life coach, then joining one of the internet’s biggest personal development websites, working with 20 people to research the 29 areas where people were most challenged in life and then design and develop one of the world’s most innovative online personal development trainings to address each one of these challenges.

Then in 2019 following crystal clear inner guidance, Wallace resigned from this company and lived unoccupied at home. During this time he had a massive spiritual awakening, and, after merging with his true and authentic self, followed encouragement from his business partner and set up as a Spiritual Teacher.

Today Wallace is an established Spiritual Teacher who, along with his team of facilitators, offers his Spiritual Path online and face to face, alongside the online Chrysalis support group, with participants mainly from Ireland and the in the UK.

There are no fees for being a participant on The Spiritual Path, for The Chrysalis support group, for the assistance of your facilitator or for any of the online trainings.


Michela’s Story

In 2022 I felt like I needed a guide to show me the way out of the negative thinking loop I was experiencing and here I found Wallace and his amazing team of facilitators. With his support and the weekly call with a loving and caring facilitator I was able to break free from anything that was no longer serving me and started to get in touch with my authentic self.

I discovered that to be listened to with compassion and an open heart has been very healing for me and now I am filled with joy with being able to offer the same by facilitating other people on the Spiritual path.


Andy's Story

Retiring?! - No thanks. My life is just starting.

Before: four decades of chaotic living; over 50 different periods of earning; €10,000s spent on personal development, healing and therapeutic work, 3 legal name changes and an out of control ego.

Now: Having followed Inner Guidance I returned to my old job with a spirit of service and am enjoying the best intimate relationship of my life so far. Love helping others and enjoying a predominantly good frame of mind. Honoured to be the Advocate in Ireland for the Spiritual Path.

Don’t know what lies ahead but it’s good!


Lynda's Story

I am Lynda. I’ve been on a spiritual path and have done many spiritual courses since 1999, but this Spiritual Path with Wallace is the best thing that has happened to me. I am becoming acutely AWARE of myself, the way I live my life, my attitudes and the growth of my Spiritual Being is fast tracking. My goals are to become the best person I could possibly be and to have unshakeable peace and I can see it happening in me every day and with every challenge that comes into my life. I couldn't recommend it more!


Tash's Story

I contacted Wallace in 2022 seeking peace. What I received was so much more. Through The Chrysalis, I met my now-boyfriend Alex, and through our relationship, I experienced an environment in which I could be completely honest about what I was experiencing, and have it be met with unconditional love, compassion and understanding. Now, I am delighted to be in a position to be able to offer the same love and support to myself, and to others, as a facilitator on The Spiritual Path, and as a Spiritual Teacher, which is often one and the same.

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Anything is possible for yourself and your life from participating in our online Spiritual Path...


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