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Does God send a bill - by Tash Shadman

Does God send a bill - by Tash Shadman

This piece of art was inspired after a wonderful conversation with Wallace, about charging for spiritual services. He said something along the lines of: the Divine does not charge us for the sun. And so, Wallace did not feel called to charge for his spiritual teachings either. They are offered. And, those who connect, will give. Because they want to. And for no other reason.

This inspired a big shift in me, in how I charge for my work. I emailed all of my clients that afternoon, firstly, letting them know I had reduced my rates for my writing services. My clients had mentioned to me that if I reduced my pricing they would work with me more, but I had thought that had seemed ridiculous. Until now.

Secondly, I gifted them a report I had created on how they could win more work, using principles like generosity and listening. Ironically, I had not been practicing generosity or listening with them. Again, until now.

Thirdly, I let them all know that all of my other "spiritual" services were now being offered for free or by-donation only. It felt good to put my new insight into action.

Needless to say, all of this inspired: "Does God send a bill". Since posting it yesterday, I have been invited to speak on a podcast, and perform it at an Open Mic in September.

The Garden

a spiritual space

A spiritual space where we will offer a variety of opportunities for deep connection, personal growth, and lots of fun.

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Your Authentic Self - by Darren

I Am That I Am - by Luis Cabral

“Wallace was explaining the authentic self and how it gets supressed from a young age through society, conditioning, friends, family etc. As I understood it more clearly, an image started to form in my head. I drew this image to visualise it more clearly.

“The small tree palm tree in the greenhouse represents your suppressed authentic self. The greenhouse represents society, conditioning, friends, family, etc.

“The small palm tree cannot grow and flourish because the greenhouse is preventing any rainwater from reaching it.

“The large fully flourished tree is what happens when you take away the greenhouse (conditionings etc). The flourishing of your true authentic self.

“The drawing felt like an accomplishment for me. I understood a bit more about the authentic self. It gave me closure and peace, it allowed me to let go of it and move on, now that I had created something tangible.

“It helped me to process the concept.”

The Mountains and The Moon - by Alex Owen

Oh, the majesty! The stoic resolve of Mountains!
Sometimes you can just make out a nose.
Other times a belly, an arm.
At times whole bodies, entire armies of giants,
Straining to stand under the smothering, gigatonne blanket of Earth’s crust,
Willing away the weight of the world with all their worth as they wrench.
Their adamantine spirit insensible
To Time’s abrasive persistence.
As they rise epochally slowly,
Only Moon is of a care and time to bear witness
To this purest act of love.

Empires rise and fall.
Ages pass.
Entire species evolve and expire
And our giants have but raised their heads and flexed their toes.
Moon, yearning on infinite black,
Cast out billenia ago,
Looks down longingly,
Silently beckoning her beautiful behemoths.
Singing silver siren song of moonbeams,

She beseeches them to join her in the heavens.

Oh, the beauty! The pallid loneliness of Moon!
Ejected æons past in the apocalyptic meeting of heavenly bodies.
The devastating yet inevitable repercussion of a lust so powerful
That the two wandering leviathans of æther are emblindened to material law.
Theia and Earth come together in cataclysmic wanton embrace,
And with a primal, heart-and-soul-wrenching scream
Heard from the beginning to the very ends of time,
They tear into each other.
Earth, rent bodily, begets Moon
And, parting for all eternity
Moon is banished heavenward.

As Earth, Moon was love,
Whole, happy and joyful.
As Moon, eternally contemplating her loss from the heavens,
She sees herself without.
And so she silently sings,
Showering silver moonbeams of love on her giants below.
Calling from on high to her brothers and sisters,
Her friends and her lovers,
As they oh so slowly reach up to her
In their amaranthine expression of love.
For they too suffer their parting.
They too are incomplete,
Without Moon.

Alex Comments...

Prior to starting this poem, ‘my’ poetry had almost exclusively been the expression of the mind of knowings of the consciousness - words from mind born of conscious knowing. I’d met some lovely people down the pub and when my eloquent interlocutor started talking etymology, t’was clear that we shared a love of language and without second thought I shamelessly foist upon him some of my recent writing, untroubled by his declaration that he was quite the critic and could not but give honest review. Surprise, in a good way, and glowing reception, once again suggested that ‘my’ poetry is bloody good. When I say once again, I refer to a time when a drunk guy at a bar with all wee on his troosers reluctantly proffered a ‘not too bad’ as I read to him in direct competition with ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY.

On getting home and wondering if I really could write poetry, in bed at midnight I typed nature with a capital n at the top of a blank Google Document. I thought of mountains, the shapes, how sometimes we see human features in them. I pictured vast mountain ranges that became armies. But why were they doing? The what we all know for they grow, upwards. The moon is the only thing that’s been round long enough, pun intended, to appreciate the growth of mountains. And, as they are so very slow to grow, their inching heavenwards is insignificant to all but the moon. So, invoking Occam’s razor whilst channelling Sherlock Holmes it became clear that the mountains were reaching for the moon. QED, innit! What’s the point in that? It’ll take ages. Were the following question and aclaration. The answer could only be love for nothing else could possibly fuel such a gargantuan, in both space and time, effort. Once I’d nailed that, the rest was obvious and the story could not have been any other way. The essence of billions of years of love, loss and longing, to my reading, is captured so powerfully that, even though I’ve read it a hundred times, I cannot do so dry of eye.

Swan - by Cathy Lawlor

Swan - by Cathy Lawlor

“I had time and wanted to paint. I was amazed as the figure revealed herself to me. There was a sense of wonder as I painted. Acceptance of self and others is the healing I feel from having this in the Exhibition.”

Quotes by Luis Cabral

Quote by Luis Cabral

“As we become more tuned with our true self, we will leave behind all attachments, that Ego tries so hard to maintain with a false identity. When we arrive at our true self, we don't need anything to be complete. We become One.”

Quote by Luis Cabral

“All we experience in Life does not belong to us. When we understand that we don't need to achieve anything or hold anything in life, then we reach pure detachment that will free us to finally become happy and content.”

Quote by Luis Cabral

“Detachment frees us. When we realize that we can never hold anything, then we accept detachment naturally. By doing so, we realize that nothing will ever be ours. In this witnessing, we become whole, peaceful and happy.”

Quote by Luis Cabral

“Fear feeds distance from our true self. Fear distances us from Love because we nourish our shadow. When we accept our fears, we silence them and we allow to be complete and that fear was only one portion of us, coming from the mind. Allow the parts to become the unity and finally Oneness.”

I Am That I Am - by Luis Cabral

I Am That I Am - by Luis Cabral

“My poem comes from my heart. Truth inspired me to write it, to feel it, to Be it.

“As I was writing it I felt deeply connected with my True Self, with the Oneness speaking directly from me.

“I experienced recognition of my true self when I created the poem, as a mirror reflects one's true image.

“For me, allowing the poem to be placed in the Exhibition for Spiritual Creativity is a big honor and I feel that all creation leads us to the One.

“Thank you!”

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