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In this online exhibition, Wallace hosts the spiritual creativity of participants who are in training...

I Am That I Am - by Luis Cabral

Your Authentic Self - by Darren

“Wallace was explaining the authentic self and how it gets supressed from a young age through society, conditioning, friends, family etc. As I understood it more clearly, an image started to form in my head. I drew this image to visualise it more clearly.

“The small tree palm tree in the greenhouse represents your suppressed authentic self. The greenhouse represents society, conditioning, friends, family, etc.

“The small palm tree cannot grow and flourish because the greenhouse is preventing any rainwater from reaching it.

“The large fully flourished tree is what happens when you take away the greenhouse (conditionings etc). The flourishing of your true authentic self.

“The drawing felt like an accomplishment for me. I understood a bit more about the authentic self. It gave me closure and peace, it allowed me to let go of it and move on, now that I had created something tangible.

“It helped me to process the concept.”

Swan - by Cathy Lawlor

Swan - by Cathy Lawlor

“I had time and wanted to paint. I was amazed as the figure revealed herself to me. There was a sense of wonder as I painted. Acceptance of self and others is the healing I feel from having this in the Exhibition.”

Quotes by Luis Cabral

Quote by Luis Cabral

“As we become more tuned with our true self, we will leave behind all attachments, that Ego tries so hard to maintain with a false identity. When we arrive at our true self, we don't need anything to be complete. We become One.”

Quote by Luis Cabral

“All we experience in Life does not belong to us. When we understand that we don't need to achieve anything or hold anything in life, then we reach pure detachment that will free us to finally become happy and content.”

Quote by Luis Cabral

“Detachment frees us. When we realize that we can never hold anything, then we accept detachment naturally. By doing so, we realize that nothing will ever be ours. In this witnessing, we become whole, peaceful and happy.”

Quote by Luis Cabral

“Fear feeds distance from our true self. Fear distances us from Love because we nourish our shadow. When we accept our fears, we silence them and we allow to be complete and that fear was only one portion of us, coming from the mind. Allow the parts to become the unity and finally Oneness.”

I Am That I Am - by Luis Cabral

I Am That I Am - by Luis Cabral

“My poem comes from my heart. Truth inspired me to write it, to feel it, to Be it.

“As I was writing it I felt deeply connected with my True Self, with the Oneness speaking directly from me.

“I experienced recognition of my true self when I created the poem, as a mirror reflects one's true image.

“For me, allowing the poem to be placed in the Exhibition for Spiritual Creativity is a big honor and I feel that all creation leads us to the One.

“Thank you!”

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