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This is where Wallace shares his experiences as he journeys into enlightenment. For each of us this journey is a unique one. There is no path, no map and no guide. This is where all seeking has come to an end and the pilgrim finds himself drawn inward by an irresistible power - the pulling power of God, to which he has surrendered his life.

This series of articles is designed to facilitate self-directed learning about the spiritual path as offered by Wallace. Start at any point and follow your intuition to explore.


Spiritual Awakening

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

This event can be experienced by anyone at any time and is life transforming. Once awakened the energy clears out your remaining psychological residue and has you come at life through your true authentic self.

Spiritual Awakening - The Power Behind Our World

Mass extinction is happening. The climate is getting warmer. Pollution is destroying our ecosystem. Disease is spreading sickness and death. The only solution is for people to allow the challenges present to raise their consciousness, so that each person will act with awareness and wisdom.

What is the Purpose of Spiritual Awakening?

Much better to follow your own spiritual path, by facing into and mastering both yourself and the challenges that come before you. As you do this you will gradually empty of nearly all fear and negativity, bringing the possibility of awakening forward.


How Spiritual Awakening Ends Loneliness

How Spiritual Awakening Ends Loneliness

Eventually we emerge from our long period of loneliness to delight in our own company. We have become sovereign, surrounded with the perfume of love - not dependent on anyone. We have come full circle and find it easy to relate to any kind of person anywhere.


Inner guidance is the mind’s connecting with core self, which has access to universal knowledge and reflects our true nature which is unconditionally loving. From this perspective, we perceive the world with compassion, understanding and empathy (contrasting with the more typical mentality of survival fears, greed and competition). That shift of consciousness is what the world desperately needs going forward, from all of us!

No Connection with Inner Guidance

1. No Connection

You may spend excessive amounts of time thinking about the future and the various options as to how it could be better or different. You may also spend a lot of time thinking about the past - what you did that didn't work. But there is an alternative...

Begin Inner Guidance

2. Begin to Connect

Do you ever wish you could be handed the keys to open every door? The door to abundant living. The door to bliss. The door to a happy marriage. The door to fulfillment. The door to unshakable inner peace. Imagine that!

Advance Inner Guidance

3. Advance

To graduate from beginning to utilize inner guidance to advance further on this path, you need to integrate your inner guidance and get to depend on it for most of what happens in your life. As your skill level improves you become more successful at listening inwardly and at interpreting the many signals, feelings, thoughts and impressions that come to you through this source.

Master Inner Guidance

4. Mastery

Our training and coaching is founded on the integration of inner knowing in your life, and it will greatly assist you to move through this phase of getting to truly know yourself. It will provide ongoing insight and reassurance, so that you become more solid and secure in your relationship with inner guidance.


5. Completion

This final epiphany on the path of inner guidance is beyond mastery. It happens when the state of inner guidance is in no way separate from your everyday consciousness. It is a state of total surrender to the Divine.


act of grace

Spiritual Awakening is Given as an Act of Grace

Because Diving Power resides with human beings, it acts to align a person with itself, and it does so by releasing a spiritual awakening when the time is right.



After Awakening Synchronicity Disappears Then Speeds Up

If our awakening is gentle and a natural next step in our evolutionary process, then we will have become familiar with synchronicity in our life, because it’s synchronicity that will have brought us to the gates of our awakening.

Through Awakening You Lose Huge Energy and Gain Great Power

People who behave in an inefficient manner are inevitably stressed. They have a lot of energy and spend it over thinking everything, chasing rainbows and tilting at windmills. By contrast the awakened person, like a condor in flight, has little energy but uses it wisely.
After Spiritual Awakening

After Spiritual Awakening Be Ready to Lose Your Personal Will

Personal growth is a gradual process of letting go of our own narrow concerns and responding to life from a wider, more inclusive perspective. For example, we previously may have taken sides in a family argument and now we learn to stay silent, listen and observe, to determine how best we can intervene in the interests of all concerned.
I Never Ask Why?

I Never Ask Why?

Have you ever listened to a young child repeating why? When we are young, first as children, then as adults, we want to know why things are the way they are. Then we awaken and this type of questioning drops away.


Enlightenment is Not a Goal

Enlightenment is Not a Goal

What would have happened to us as a baby if we had stopped the urge to walk after we fell down for the third time. We would have spent our whole life crawling! Yet that is what most people do with the urge to enlightenment. They crawl along, then they ask, how can I attain enlightenment?
Enlightenment is About Love

Enlightenment is About Love

What is the experience of enlightenment? For some it’s about bliss. For others it’s about depression. For yet others it’s about love. All of these are true and can be experienced at different times by different people on their journey into enlightenment. So let’s look at each of these in turn.

You Come to Enlightenment Through Failure

You don’t have to perform, improve, succeed, serve, analyse, plan, scheme, dedicate, search, or engage in any activity whatever, either within yourself, or in the world. You are. That’s it.

There is No Death, There is Only Life - Full On

What if death didn’t exist? What if it was your ideas about your self that can die, but you are eternal. To move beyond self we need to transcend from the known to the unknown, from certainty to uncertainty and from past and future to here and now.
Do Nothing

The Greatest Achievement is to Do Nothing

The journey from awakening to enlightenment involves being present to and letting go of our remaining compulsions. To lead a life completely free (of compulsion) is the enlightened state. In the enlightened state we are not so much caught up in the process, as we are the process.
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