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My Approach to Speaking in Public

I am an accomplished and inspirational public speaker. I speak from a place of higher awareness to corporate, charity, government, non-government and religious organisations. Anywhere where there are people interested in discovering higher consciousness and in advancing their personal and spiritual development.

For example I was a Keynote Speaker with the U.K. mental health charity Rethink, at their AGM in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, where I spoke spontaneously for an hour and then took questions from the audience.

I can agree a topic with you as the event organiser or I can invite questions on spiritual topics and speak spontaneously in response, or I can do both at the one event!

To read about my background - See Q&A

I accept financial contributions in exchange for my talks - See: How does the money work?

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To learn about my approach - The Spiritual Path

Wallace Huey
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