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Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off

A Life Discovered

By Wallace Huey

There is a power within yourself ready and willing to show you the way out of your present difficulties into a pre-eminent life of peace, love and joy. This power is your inner guidance.

Through touching personal stories, practical advice, nature observations, poetry and mythic story telling, Wallace gently helps you unfold your wings. Discover what it feels like to fly with the swan!

This book offers you the opportunity to learn from setbacks and move forward, increase creativity, understand relationships, heal emotional pain and find your life's purpose.

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Synopsis of Each Part of the Book

Part 1 - Your Calling

Reveals your inner sensitivity and suggests ways of accessing this immense fount of inner wisdom, creativity and guidance. You discover that by listening to your calling your relationships and working life improve. You learn to trust this inner sensitivity and recognise that sometimes it will get you into trouble and then help you rise above the ensuing difficulties! Finally, as you learn to become increasingly sensitive, you release the power that knows your destiny.

Part 2 - Your Potential

Reveals that listening to and following your calling opens the door to an adventurous, exciting life. You discover that your destiny is illogical when judged by outer criteria and seems crazy to family and friends but sane to close friends. Stories from the author's life illustrate the move away from the old rules that bind, into an exciting new way of being. As you read, your understanding of the mystery unfolds. You are surprised and begin to sense true love. Finally you discover that your destiny is a fascinating place, where you receive profound healing.

Part 3 - Your Healing

Proves that listening to your calling and following your destiny radically alters your character - for the better. If your heart is troubled by fear, anger, impatience and stress, you will be inspired by healing stories from the author's life. Finally, as your understanding progresses, you grasp one of life's great mysteries. You discover that you can transcend your feelings of separation, experience oneness with the whole of life and reap rich rewards.

Part 4 - Your Rewards

Portrays the numerous healing gifts, through twenty enlightening short stories. As you enter into an enchanted Celtic World you join Patrick, an Irish slave boy. You and Patrick have many meaningful adventures. You both confront the slave boss and, risking your life, escape his cruel shackles in a snowstorm. Then lost in the darkness of a woodland winter night, you stay with Patrick on the shore of the vanishing lake, as he receives his life's mission from a mystical, enchanted source from which everything begins.

Readers say...

"This book is very convincing, very thought through and lived through. The first chapter is gripping and the rest gets better and better. I would recommend it to a friend, especially a troubled friend."
––Niall Hickey Ph.D. Personal Counsellor and Lifecoach.

"I could see so much of my own life in this book. It was the best book I ever read. Although it’s not a religious book, it gently worked its way into my heart. If ever I want to give a present it will be this book."
––Noel Garvey, Businessman

"Reading Wallace’s book has helped me gain insight into what really matters in life, especially looking at his personal triumph over his illness, which could have destroyed him. It has put a clear picture on what the human spirit really needs as distinct from what we endlessly strive for in the material world."
––Anne Flanagan, Housewife

"To anyone on the path of fulfilling their quest for enlightenment, this book is very profound and encouraging. I wish there was more! When I got to the end I wanted to go back to the beginning and read it all over again."
––Susan Cunningham, Writer

"Wallace there is something compelling about sharing the absolute truth, hiding nothing and the lessons you’ve learned. A captivating read."
––Mark Murray, Personal Counsellor

Buy the Paperback
Wallace invites you to buy the paperback version of Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off at Amazon.com.

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This book is dedicated to all who are searching
for that elusive connection that will make their life abundant and whole.

“To you I offer the hand of friendship.”

—Wallace Huey