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How Can I Contribute?

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How Can I Contribute to Wallace's Vision?

With the exception of a paperback book you may wish to purchase from Amazon, and an ebook, all the resources, including all the online training workshops, are gifted to you courtesy of Wallace Huey, his business partner Peter Shepherd and their two investors, Andrew and Olga. We also gift Wallace’s Spiritual Teaching, the one-to-one support offered on Skype by your facilitator and your membership of the weekly Chrysalis Meeting with Wallace.

Preparing for Worldwide Expansion

We are now gearing up for worldwide expansion and welcome donations.

You can support our work through financial donations, donations of much needed skills, donating promotional opportunities and donating your time as a facilitator of The Spiritual Path…

Inviting Friends and Family

Many people can benefit from a spiritual training that leads to mastering their life challenges through higher awareness. You probably know a few who might like to avail of the opportunity, if they only knew about it.

Wallace offers your friends and family a guided tour of The Spiritual Path at a time of their choosing. The tour can be online or in person. This tour also gives your chosen friend or family member an opportunity to meet a Spiritual Teacher and ask him questions.

If you would like to invite a friend or family member to meet Wallace you can do so here.

Financial Donations

If you would like to support our work financially, you can learn what we use money for and donate to our service here.

Donations of Much Needed Skills

We welcome donations of much needed skills, such as donated…

— Business skills
— Technical skills
— Design skills
— Video production skills
— Search engine optimisation skills,
— Accountancy skills,
— Legal skills,
— Organisational skills,
— Or introductions to people who can provide such skills.

To donate these skills or to introduce Wallace to people who might be interested in providing such skills, Contact Wallace.

Donating Promotional Opportunities

We welcome help in spreading our Vision and Training such as…

— Inviting Wallace to give a talk.
— Inviting Wallace to take questions from an audience, either online or real world.
— Introducing Wallace and his Vision to thought leaders and influencers.
— Sharing Wallace’s Vision on social media platforms where it may find a receptive audience.
— Writing articles about Wallace and his Vision in online blogs and in published magazines.
— Interviewing Wallace on video for websites and online blogs.
— Interviewing Wallace on audio for podcasts.

Note - Although Wallace does not post on social media directly he welcomes others posting about his Vision and his Training.

To offer such a contribution, Contact Wallace or act on your own initiative.

Donating Your Time As a Facilitator of The Spiritual Path


Apply to Become a Facilitator

Wallace’s participants can, after a short period of online training, apply to become a facilitator of The Spiritual Path. This means they can accompany others on their spiritual journey, either online or in the real world, under the guiding presence of Wallace as the Spiritual Teacher. To ask questions about this opportunity and to apply to be a facilitator contact Wallace here.

More on Donating Your Time as a Facilitator

Receive free training by Wallace in communication skills, so that you can accompany people as they delve into the resources on the Spiritual Path. You don’t need to have used the resource yourself, or to be knowledgeable about topics a fellow participant is exploring, it's about supporting their own enquiry into their own life, using one or more of the resources available on the path. To learn more about offering such a contribution, Contact Wallace.

Help Us Transform Our World

We have The Spiritual Path, we have the training platform, we have the place of transformation and we have the goodwill, now together we can fulfill our vision and build a new more enlightened Earth, where all can live in peace and harmony.

— Please contribute in a way that works best for you —



From stress and fear to love and abundance

  • Join with a small group of committed people.
  • Be supported by Wallace Huey in person.
  • Learn the skills you need.
  • Gain the awareness to transform your life.


The Planet’s Pivot Point

A hub for practical action by caring people

We are a rising tide of activists with one aim - saving planet Earth


The Spiritual Path for Wallace’s Participants

This tool for self-directed learning is derived from Wallace’s journey into enlightenment. It has interlinked articles and resources that, with the assistance of your facilitator, assist your personal and spiritual unfolding.

My Breakthrough Experience

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