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How Does the Money Work?

Wallace Huey

Cost - this is an important question

At the close of every event, Wallace asks for a contribution from his students, to cover the costs of running the service and his living expenses. Meetups are free for guests. These Meetups at Awaken Spiritually Online are provided as a loving service open to everyone. Nevertheless, as with all services it has costs which need to be met. Plus this work is Wallace’s full time occupation. Having student contributions maintains Skype Meetups as a totally independent, not-for-profit service, free from the influence of rich benefactors, funding bodies and grant providers.

Students are free to decide how much they contribute, keeping the service open for all. Such independence empowers Wallace to act in the best interests of those attending at all times and for the participants to experience a relationship of mutual care and support between them and their Spiritual Teacher.

Public Talks

In instances where Wallace is being booked for a public talk the principle of contributions applies. In this instance the contribution is by the sponsor or the event organiser.

All my Meetups are funded by student contributions and are free to guests

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