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The 7 Principles of Financial Abundance for Spiritual Organisations

By Wallace Huey


The Definition of a Financial Abundance:

That for a project or service, there is more money coming in effortlessly, than is needed.

These are the 7 Principles of Financial Abundance that Wallace uses to generate financial resources for the project. They can be applied to any spiritual organisation, large or small...

  1. It’s about love not money - nothing is demanded from anyone.
  2. It’s about meeting everyone’s needs.
  3. It’s about offering an increasing amount of care, insight and revelation to people in the project.
  4. It’s about opening up and inventing new ways for participants to contribute.
  5. It’s about having as little as possible to do with money, by offering exemplary levels of design and efficiency that together deliver huge value.
  6. It’s about communicating the needs of the project clearly and then explaining the benefit to each participant of becoming a net contributor.
  7. It’s about the project having a clear vision that serves urgent societal needs on a global scale.

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