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Why You Might Want to Donate

We are delighted you are considering supporting our work financially. So here’s a bit about why you might choose to do that.

Our services are all of the highest quality, created over a 22 year period, and can be offered in the real world or online. We provide tools supported by personal facilitation on virtually every single challenge or difficulty a person might experience in life - and we do this by pointing to a transformation the person can have in their understanding and/or consciousness.

This means our service acts as a catalyst for the transformation of individual people and because everything is available free of charge in the real world and online, including their facilitators time, it is capable of acting as a transformer for thousands of people, positively affecting the whole planet.

Who we are, our consciousness, affects everything. What we buy, where we direct our energy, how deeply we care. For example, did you ever meet a genuinely spiritual person who was wantonly wasteful and uncaring? In this way spiritual transformation has a direct and powerful effect on the destruction of our Earth. Another example closer to home. Did you ever meet a genuinely spiritual person who was abusive and maltreated his partner and children? In this way spiritual transformation positively advances the wellbeing of families and therefore society.

We call this The Only Revolution.

This is the only revolution that will bring enduring positive change to planet Earth at this critical time. Isn’t such a transformation exactly what is needed in today’s world?

My partner Peter Shepherd and I have worked for decades building and testing this service, assisted by a couple of friends who provided funding for our work. We have done so, through the investment of our time, energy and money. Now we want to ramp up our delivery so it can reach across the whole world.

It makes a huge difference both practically and psychologically when we are supported with donations. Your donation means we know other people “get” what we are doing, and want to help in a practical way by funding our work.

We invite you to work with the resources and facilitators available through The Spiritual Path to improve your own life. We also invite you to support the work financially, so that it will reach around the world and play it’s part in bringing about the transformation in planetary consciousness that is needed at this present time.

Thank you.

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