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Wallace Huey’s Guide to Awakening

This is a guided exploration. Have fun with it and use it to discover your spiritual awakening process. Feel free to respond to the questions in the text boxes provided. These text boxes are intended to be perishable, in that once you close or move away from the page the information will be lost. This is to reflect the essentially transient nature of life. So if you want to save what you have written, copy and paste it into a holding document or, even better, save this webpage as a PDF and store it safely in your computer/device so you can share it with your facilitator.
Enjoy your time as a seeker and feel free to use this exploration to draw closer to awakening.
It is challenging to awaken spiritually by yourself. And you may simply freeze or feel stuck when faced with some of these essential questions - not knowing how to even start to answer. That’s why Wallace recommends you request his assistance to start the guide and begin your journey to Spiritual Awakening.
To receive assistance: Contact Wallace

The author of this exploration is yourself - you write the story!
NOTE - Your story will develop and progress over time.

The importance of questioning

You are born as a spiritual seeker when you start to question

You come alive as a spiritual seeker when you are passionate about questioning

You progress as a spiritual seeker when, through questioning, you identify and address the challenges in your life

You are fully awakened when you have mastered each challenge of life, live permanently in present moment awareness and have no more need for questions


  • Born
  • Alive
  • Challenges
  • Awakened 😎


Why am I stressed?

Why am I unfulfilled?

Does my life have meaning? If my life has a meaning what is it?

What is my purpose? Why am I alive?



Who am I?

What am I seeking?

In what ways do I feel really alive? ...In every moment?

Does God exist? ...And if God exists... Who or what is God?



Inevitably when you start to question the meaning of your life and the nature of your identity, you come up against the need to break out of your comfort zone. This breaking free of past conditioning represents a Time of Transition to a new and more peaceful life. During this Time of Transition it is essential that you learn new skills and in so doing make progress on your path to Awakened Consciousness.

Look through the following lists and you will recognise some life challenges that are current: (click A, B, C, to see the list of life challenges):


You will probably have checked quite a few of these life challenges. But you are possibly unsure which ones are uppermost right now and which are causing you the most stress. I have a facility for that. It’s called the Life Discovery Experience and it sets out your own personal spiritual path to Awakening. Following your training plan brings together your spiritual life and your practical life, literally bringing heaven down to earth!



Poem of the Awakened

Be nothing, and everything.
For everything arises from nothing,
And nothing enfolds everything.

Just as the end is not possible without the beginning
And the part and the whole coexist,
So too, you and your world entwine
In the merry dance of life.

For in complete absence
Is total fullness.

Universal Love.
The Divine behind, within and among all things.

To know this love is truth.
To be this love is power.
To experience this love is peace.

And we are rooted deep in the Earth
And lost out among the stars.

An invitation to write your own Poem of the Awakened...

My Breakthrough Experience

Master any life challenge!
Pick the challenge that most applies to you...

And turn what is your most stressful situation into a breakthrough!

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