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Wallace Huey
Spiritual Teacher Dublin, Ireland


“I have not come to start a new religion or to gather followers. I have come to set people free of all dogma and all manner of limitation.

“I have come to fill the whole world with light. What is this light? It is the love resident within each human heart. As this love is passed from person to person it grows in brightness. This love is Divine in nature and it will never be extinguished.

“This is the love I bring.
This is the light of the world.
This is the human heart made visible.”
—Wallace Huey

Anything is possible for yourself and your life from participating in our online Spiritual Path...


I wanted to thank you for your support and amazing inspiration that I got since I started with you! When I was out walking I said to myself, “Oh my God, I feel like I am really, really happy” and I haven't felt like this for a long, long time. Also I am experiencing the peace of mind that is beyond understanding. Your coaching has had an incredible impact on me and I wanted to thank you for that!    ~ Michael

Wallace - a Human Being

This website’s content is created with love by Wallace’s Natural Human Intelligence, is coded by hand and is imbued with the energy of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Interview With Wallace Huey - Say YES to Life!

In this inspiring and often amusing video, Wallace reveals much of his life story - how he survived an encounter with depression and paranoid schizophrenia, and then go on to found a company, employ 18 people, create one of the worlds most innovative online personal development trainings and then become a Spiritual Teacher.

It’s witty, enlightening, informative and profound. If you want to know what made Wallace the man he is today, watch this video...

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