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The Paradoxes of Life
The Path of Non-Resistance
Money & Love
Perfect Peace?

At One in Perfect Peace

Is it possible to have total inner peace in the hustle and bustle? If we can continually observe our mind as it reacts to the business of everyday life, then this is meditation. No need for a separate meditation space, candles or quiet.

How Can I Know God?

How Can I Know God?

This is a lifetime’s exploration, and involves a letting go, and on occasion, throwing away of all we have been taught about life and how it can be lived.

Floating Below the Waterline

Floating Below the Waterline

I believe the great leader draws everything he needs to him or herself, through the power inherent in his huge capacity to serve. When a great leader exudes that capacity he/she does not need anything else. That’s the power of service, when intelligently and persistently applied over many years.

Love Without Limits

Love Without Limits!

The love of the Heart will release in you an energy and passion without limit. This is the love that Mother Teresa had for the world’s abandoned. This is the love that empowered Nelson Mandela to emerge triumphant from his years of captivity and solitary confinement speaking of healing and forgiveness.

Inspired by the Divine

The Goal That Does Not Exist!

Here at Trans4mind we have a goal that by the year 2026 we will have 1 million participants in our training. Ha Ha Ha. Will we reach our goal? I have no idea. Does it matter? Not at all! But we are all going to have a lot of fun traveling that path, and that’s the important thing. To have fun with your life.

Inspired by the Divine

Being Inspired by the Divine

Believing in God is an hypothesis and actually takes us further away from knowing. This is because such hypotheses are formed in the mind and God can never be experienced through the mind. God can only be known through the heart.

A New Dawn

A New Dawn and “The Only Revolution”

Consider this for a moment. What is the most powerful agent of change on the planet? It's personal acts of kindness between individuals. Are these featured on television? Like the sun rising each day: a new dawn is not news. It’s similar with “The Only Revolution.”

Series: The Paradoxes of Life

In living a spiritual life, we begin to encounter paradox with increasing frequency. This is both beguiling and intriguing for living a paradoxical life is the doorway to the mysterious and the mystical.

The following series, The Paradoxes of Life by Wallace Huey, explores what the most common paradoxes of the spiritual life are. By reading this series you will begin to encounter the Truth about life. For the Truth does not lie so much in any particular teaching, but in living beyond dogmas and into paradox, where the old certainties of life are replaced with a wonderful freedom of “insight in the moment” and the ability to know and express our own truth in any situation.


1. Which is True: Predestination or Free Will?

Awareness is the ability to perceive WHAT IS, without the binding and limiting effects of our conditioning. And this freedom is actually a mindful way of being in the world, because when we see clearly and objectively what is we always know exactly what to do and how to behave.


2. Going With the Flow While Swimming Against the Tide

It is often said that living a spiritual life is full of paradox - and one of the biggest paradoxes is that we can find ourselves at one and the same time going with the flow and swimming against the tide!

To know

3. You Are Not Separate - You Are The Universe!

You are not separate. You are an individual, but your individuality contains the whole universe. You are One. OK, so this is an explanation - how does it become your reality? How can you experience it as true?


4. Spiritual Power: Why Truly Humble People Often Seem Arrogant

The world needs millions of people to wake up to their inherent Divinity so that they can act to save human society from the mire into which it is sinking deeper every day.


5. Seeing Without Eyes

It says in the Bible that without vision the people perish. But what kind of vision is being written about. There is a kind of seeing that happens without our eyes. And everyone has this ability.


6. Why Happiness Doesn't Exist!

So few know about bliss because its attainment in life is extraordinarily rare. And it is rare because it cannot be achieved, it can only be revealed. And in western societies, whose values seem to cover almost the entire planet, we are conditioned into attaining through achievement.

To Achieve Wealth

7. To Achieve Wealth Do as Little as Possible!

The two men met on the veranda of the wealthy businessman’s house. "How did you manage to make a million dollars?" enquired the city businessman. "It was very simple," the wealthy businessman replied. "I discovered that the less I did the wealthier I became." But how can that be?

Your Worst Enemy Is Your Best Friend!

8. Your Worst Enemy Is Your Best Friend!

We may not consciously seek out difficult and challenging people or circumstances to have as companions. But whether or not we seek them, such people and circumstances may be part of our life experience. Why is this?

Give In and Win!

9. Give In and Win!

When we fight with reality, with the situation as it presents, we are actually opposing nature and the natural unfolding of events. We are opposing the entire universe and it's laws of evolution and transformation. So what can we do instead of fight and oppose? We can give in and win!

End of Time

10. The Beginning and Ending of Time

What if time could end for you? Is this possible or even desirable? What if your mind ceased - ceased to compare, ceased to worry, ceased to doubt? What quality would be created in you? Such a life is possible - and it is possible even for busy people caught in a busy life.

The Wall

Climb the Ladder but Make Sure It’s Up Against the Right Wall

When we have our ladder against the right wall, we are not just earning a living, we are fulfilling God’s purpose for our life. And fulfilling our Divine Plan, has a huge healing effect on ourselves and on all those who enter into our orbit.

To know

The Magic of a Meaningful Moment

Sometimes we completely miss the magic of the moment and so lose out. The truth is everyone experiences signs, coincidences and synchronicities in their lives, but most people are unaware of them.

To know

Deciding Without Thinking

Nearly everyone considers making decisions a necessary skill and an aspect of living that is really important to master. And this is true. But it is true only at a certain level of consciousness. Is it possible to make decisions without needing to think about them?

From aloneness to Aloneness

From aloneness to Aloneness

God is One. God is singular. God is alone. We are born in the image of a child. We grow in the image of man. We transcend in the image of God. Consequently we too must become Alone.

Fragility of Life

The Fragility of Life

Life is fragile. And often, when life is at its most fragile, it is also at its most beautiful. As people we are also part of the fragile web of life.


IQ without EQ = Recipe for Problems

It is the heart that offers each person access to their empathy, emotional intelligence and compassion. If we continue to educate and develop the mind, without educating the heart, the world is heading for disaster.


God Does Not Need Advertising or Publicity (And Nor Do You!)

If you really are a person of the Truth, do you need to shout about it? The Truth is its own authority. The Truth is its own justification. And the Truth is its own power. It does not need anything else.


Roots: The Foundation For Living

We are all responsible for our life and that means creating our own roots. For some this may mean repairing family relationships that were fractured when we were children. For others it may mean seeking out an education or skills that equip us to earn a living. And for others it may mean attending to a near non-existent spiritual life.

You Can’t Block the Light!

You Can’t Block the Light!

The truth is that people’s hearts are opening in ever increasing numbers across the entire planet. However for the most part, the work being done by these increasing numbers of inspired human beings is at the grass roots.

Magic happens

Where the Magic Happens

If you begin to operate well outside your comfort zone then synchronicities come thick and fast, so that you are entirely dependent on them and sustained by them. Do you think you could ever experience this if you did what you had always known - if you had stayed within your comfort zone?

AI to IA

The Path of Non-Resistance

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. We cannot avoid pain in life, it’s a major aspect of being a human on a material planet. However suffering is different. Suffering happens when we seek to avoid what is actual, real and true. Suffering is in the mind. The ‘Path of Non-Resistance’ is the best way to go. In 10 Steps...

AI to IA

From A.I. to I.A.

The computer scientists of the world are enthusiastically developing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). They dream of a brave new world populated by intelligent machines who will live, work and play with humans. However, if you have a mechanistic world view and you have created a machine that is better than yourself in nearly every respect, the questions arise: where do I fit in? What is my purpose? And who am I?


Understanding Everything!

Such experiences, especially when they manifest as a continuous steam, dissolve the barrier between that which is inside and that which is outside, until eventually a point arises where, immersed in the present, such a barrier no longer exists.

Fail Fast

If You are Going to Fail - Fail Fast!

Engaging in creative action over creative thinking keeps us in touch with reality. It helps us to be on a path of quick and repeated failure and an example of the 'fail fast' process now so beloved of leading edge companies.


Is What Lies Before Us Simply a Reflection of What Lies Within Us?

When we look out at the world what do we see? Could we be looking at a reflection of ourselves? If so how does this correspondence come about?


What is Innervation?

Innervation is a way of progressively centering yourself in your heart and in unshakable inner peace, which I have used successfully in my own life over many years. I now offer this understanding for you to adopt, play with and benefit from.


The Power of Light

Next time you rise at dawn and step out into the birth of a new day, remember what you can learn from light. Reflect for a moment on the power of the light to dispel the darkness.


An Interview With God

VISITOR: Well God, it's been a real pleasure meeting you. I never knew how important it was to learn about love and how the suffering, greed and sex in my life could all be used for that purpose.


Awaken Your Inner Giant

Every human being is capable of so much more than they can imagine. We have not been created to wander around like midgets - we have been born to be Giants, to stride powerfully across the face of the Earth and to leave our mark.

fire and water

From Fire and Water to Man and Woman

Everything in life has its opposite. We would not know love, if we had never experienced hate! We could not extinguish fire, if we did not have water! So what is balance and how can we have more of it in our lives?


Can I Become Enlightened?

As Michelangelo infers, we all have the power to be in communion with the Divine. We do not have to paint a work of art to express our creativity, for the world has a myriad of possibilities for creative expression.


The Biggest Decision Each of Us Has to Make!

We have a choice... Do we work for money and profit or out of a desire to be of service? God's guidance, given through the Heart, is truly magical in its ability to bring harmony into every situation involving money.

Web of Life

How Urban Cave Dwellers Can Heal the Earth!

Peace and Presence is where our human experience merges seamlessly with the natural world and with one another. This allows an intensity of belonging and relationship often missed by city dwellers.


Living an Effortless Life!

To know with certainty is to give single focus to all your intentions. Such focus is unstoppable. This is the potential inherent in every human being - this is our true nature.


Why Water is the Elixir of Life!

Water's well known and scientifically proven status as one of the key essentials for life is well documented of course, but less well known is water as a potent symbol for Spiritual Truth. Water not only creates life - it also shows us how to live.

Spiritual Life

God Has Escaped from the Churches!

Here in Ireland, at last people have discovered that God does not need to be limited to the churches. As a consequence there has been, in the past 20 years, a huge move away from church attendance and a migration away from church institutions. A search has started all over Ireland, in thousands of small groups, for a God without limits to which people can both contribute and belong. God has become democratic!


My Biggest Transition Experience

It has been a long journey with many hurdles to overcome, but the over-riding thought that kept me going, was that I could provide a service that would prevent people who were going through a transition, experiencing the horrors that I had experienced all through my 30's, in the cavern that was my mind at that time.

God's Home

Does God Have a Home?

There is a point of breakthrough that starts a person on their spiritual quest. And this point of breakthrough is the day they truly get that how they think determines their world. And when a person truly gets this as an infallible Truth, their whole focus shifts from trying to change their life on the outside to changing their life on the inside.

Hurdles of life

Why it's OK to Fall at the First Hurdle!

At school we learn that mistakes are wrong and failure is shameful. Such attitudes are deeply engrained. I have to tell you - if your life is close to perfect and neatly ordered it only means one thing - you are not stretching yourself enough!

Series: Money & Love

There is a direct relationship between the amount of money we can generate and the amount of love we bring to the marketplace. That’s because such freely expressed love adds more value to what we offer at work.

Of course we can add more love and it’s outcome, value, in every area of life. We can add value to our church by joining the church choir. We can add value to our family by being an attentive parent and we can add value to our favorite charity by volunteering to work longer hours, but if we want to generate more financial wealth for ourselves then the place we need to focus on adding value is the workplace. This is because the value we add to the workplace is measured in money and we will be able to reserve or request a proportion of that added value for our own use, either through increased salaries if we are an employee or increased profits, if we are a business owner.


1. Money As an Expression of Love

Earn, spend and pay your taxes with love and you will feel wonderful about the flow of money through your life. And when we feel grateful about the flow of money, it allows us all to co-operate by trading with and supporting each other, and as we do so the amount of money grows and bears more and more fruit.


2. To Get More Money Add More Value

How do you feel when someone close to you becomes more demanding? Defensive, uncooperative, angry? The way to have your needs met more abundantly with regard to money is to provide more value. When you focus on giving then all the stress is taken out of the situation.


3. The Amount of Money Available to You is Limitless

Because our project was founded on the values of love and service, it attracted the financial resources it needed AND attracted the right kind of investors, people who believed in the vision of the project and who supported us with flexibility.


4. Money is Like Water

These are seven ways in which money is like water. Indeed we can all look to and be inspired by water to discover enlightened ways in which we can use the money in our lives.


5. The Importance of Values When Working With Money

It’s up to you to choose what you want to value and to choose the life you want to live, along with all the consequences that flow from these choices. That’s why it’s vitally important to look within, to connect with your inner guidance and examine your conscience, when deciding where and how you are to work and what you spend your money on.


Why You Never Need to Work Hard Again!

If you are lucky you may manage, after working hard, to find a secure job, get married and have children, all according to plan. So you can see a future of working even harder stretching out in front of you for your whole life. But do you actually want this?


Freedom from the Known

How many times have you not said the thing you wanted to say, when you needed to say it? How many times did you not do the thing you needed to do when it needed to be done? These two questions penetrate to the very core of what it means to live as a free human being. Do they apply to you?

To Achieve Wealth

What is the World's Greatest Question?

In personal development, it is helpful to consider the value of questions, plusd when and how to ask a great question. But if questions are so powerful, here I want to ask - What is the world's greatest question?

What is the Difference Between 1 and 0?

What is the Difference Between 1 and 0?

Imagine if one day you were walking through a city park thinking your everyday thoughts. These thoughts let you know that you existed. You were "inside" your body thinking. You were the thinker. The park and all of nature was "outside" your body and was all of the known world. Then all of a sudden "you" disappeared.

Why You Can Never Know Me!

Why You Can Never Know Me!

But does anyone really know us? Can anyone completely understand us? Or is it our job to know ourselves? Fortunately we have one friend who follows us and who is related to us our whole life. However this friend has to be invited into our life as a silent guest. It is this friend, and only this friend, who can know us completely. Who is this friend? It is...

Is Love an Emotion?

Is Love an Emotion?

When we think of love we often think of the emotions we associate with this human experience. These emotions range through excitement, intrigue and attraction. However are these three emotions a reliable guide? What does being in love really mean?

Innernaut not Astronaut

Innernaut not Astronaut

There is growing awareness of and support for a mission to Mars, as the next step in humans exploring outer space. These projects are attracting huge funding and great media profile. But is setting up a colony on another planet the most beneficial next step for the people involved and for humanity?

Inside Out

An Invitation to Turn Yourself Inside Out!

There is a cry going out into the world. It is the cry of millions of people who are in despair. It is the cry of awakening. A friend of mine went to a healer recently. He said, "Help me, my heart is broken." The healer said, "Your heart isn't broken, your heart is open!"

What Lies Beyond Imagining

What Lies Beyond Imagining

There is a faculty more powerful, valuable and creative than imagination - a diamond representing the holy grail of personal power, a precious pearl known and treasured by all the world's great masters and artists.

They're All Out of Step but Our John

They're All Out of Step but Our John

My grandmother used to tell me the story of a proud mother who stood beside her at the passing out parade of soldiers who had completed their training in the First World War. "Look," this mother exclaimed, "They're all out of step but our John!"

Expansion is Life, is Love

Expansion is Life, is Love

Since love and its dissemination is the favorite subject of my teacher in India, the Avatar Sai Baba, and since Sai Baba is my source of inspiration, I decided to use a series of quotes from Him as the foundation of this article.

Love in Action

Love in Action

What does Sai Baba teach? His speeches and talks during his life have been recorded and run to over 30 volumes. In addition many hundreds if not thousands of books have been written in support of his teachings - so there is plenty of material to draw on. I will endeavor to give you a few of the main points.

Wallace Huey
Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.

Escape From Suffering and Stress

One Journey
Are you on this journey unconsciously or consciously? Wallace Huey will assist you to use the suffering and stress in your life to make the transition from living unconsciously to living consciously and in so doing live stress free, at peace with both yourself and your neighbour.
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