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To Achieve Wealth Do as Little as Possible!

Achieve Wealth

By Wallace Huey, Director of Training at Trans4mind

Once upon a time there lived a businessman who wanted to be worth a million dollars. However he did not know how to achieve his aim. He had heard that out in the countryside, beyond the city where he lived, was a very wealthy businessman who was also a spiritual teacher. So he travelled out to see him.

The two men met on the veranda of the wealthy businessman’s house.

"How did you manage to make a million dollars?" enquired the city businessman. "It was very simple," the wealthy businessman replied. "I discovered that the less I did the wealthier I became." "But how can that be?" enquired the city businessman. "Each time I delegated a part of my work to someone else, the work got done better and faster," replied the wealthy businessman. "But how did you get paid?" asked the city businessman. "As I delegated my work the business grew and as the business grew there was more for everyone, especially me," replied the wealthy businessman.

"And how long did this go on for?" asked the city businessman. "It continues to this day," replied the wealthy businessman. "And what do you do now?" asked the city businessman. "My main job is to keep track of my wealth, and to decide what to spend the money on," replied the wealthy businessman. "But what do you actually do to generate this income?" asked the city businessman. "I hold everything together," replied the wealthy businessman. "But what actually generates the money?" asked the city businessman getting more and more confused. “Love," replied the wealthy businessman. "You mean you convert love to cash?" asked the city businessman, in disbelief. "How do you do that?"

"By learning each day to do a little less and love a little more!" replied the wealthy businessman.

A true spiritual master can demonstrate how love can be converted to wealth, and can demonstrate this by doing next to nothing to generate huge income! Indeed a miracle happens when such a master creates a big change, like dissipating a storm, or feeding a mass of people, with the wave of his hand. When mastery is attained the master only has to think of what he needs and it will manifest.

Now most of us (myself included) have not reached this pinnacle of human creativity, but we can begin to travel in that direction. And the main principle for us all to follow is that of doing less and loving more.

Now in a society where we are brought up on the virtues of hard work accompanied by narrow self interest, drive and ambition, such an idea may seem rather alien. But is it? If we look out at nature, we see abundance everywhere. The trees are not driven to grow. They simply grow. The sun doesn’t try to shine. It simply shines. And the rivers do not force themselves to flow, they simply flow along the easiest and most convenient course. And everything works in harmony. Furthermore the fish do not climb the trees and the birds do not dig burrows. Everything in nature behaves according to its own natural self expression.

And the creative force behind all this abundance - what is it doing? Nothing, except holding it all together - through love. In nature this love is expressed through everything being in service and everything having a purpose. The trees serve the animals by providing shelter. The trees also serve the soil by dropping their leaves in autumn. The sun serves the leaves by shining warmth and light. In nature each thing’s purpose is in alignment with its natural self expression and everything is held together in relationships of mutual enrichment. That’s what creates the abundance we see everywhere.

So to create an income you need to ask two questions. What is my natural self expression? And how can I use that self expression to serve others? Then to create true wealth, you need to expand the extent of your service by involving others in the task according to their natural self expression. As you do this, you need to practice doing less and achieving more, while nurturing the expanding enterprise with more and more love.

Does this remind you of anyone? How about the power mentioned earlier that holds all of nature together in harmony? In this way, creating wealth is achieved through spiritual understanding that joins us with the Divine. When we are aligned with our Divinity we are able to co-create with others a new golden age on planet earth.

We have opened up to the possibility of becoming a creative powerhouse of a human being, a miracle worker who generates wealth by doing nothing and loving everything!

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.