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Freedom from the Known

Freedom from the Known

By Wallace Huey, Director of Training at Trans4mind

Today, Donald Trump is to be inaugurated as the leader of the free world.

And we all look to him to protect those freedoms.

But is there a freedom that any American can have that will exist no matter who is in the White House?

Is there a freedom we can all tap into that is independent of political power or affiliation?

And if there is, how can I avail of it?

The first such freedom is the freedom to be yourself.

How many times have you not said the thing you wanted to say, when you needed to say it? How many times did you not do the thing you needed to do when it needed to be done?

These two questions penetrate to the very core of what it means to live as a free human being. Do they apply to you? And would a change in who was President make any difference to your ability to experience this first freedom?

The second freedom is related to the first and is freedom from fear. When out in the wilderness of Alaska on a walkabout with Bear Grylls, Bear asked President Obama that, given his heavy responsibilities as head of the US armed forces, was there anything that made him frightened?

President Obama thought for a moment, and then gave a very honest and insightful answer when he said that sometimes Michelle gave him a certain look, and when he saw that look he was terrified.

You see the human mind can create enemies and demons out of the most obscure notions - notions like capitalism is in conflict with communism and these notions can, and do, even lead to wars. Whereas actual fears happen through a relationship with a person who is perceived as a threat, and this is most especially true between those people to whom we are most closely related.

Freedom - true freedom - does not come from a result at the ballot box. The two greatest freedoms, freedom to be ourselves and freedom from fear come from an inner victory that empowers us to see the good in every situation and an ability to be aware of and work with the source of life that is working in everyone's highest interests all the time.

By engaging in personal development training, we come to recognize and work with this power, and as we do so, we see this evolutionary and transformative energy activated through us in all we say and do.

And because this power is always for the highest good when we recognize it at work in our life we are able to transcend all fear and restriction into true freedom.

What is this freedom? At its core, it's freedom from the known and an opening up to the wonderful unknown. It cannot be achieved, or learned, it can only be.

To the educated, everyday is an achievement and everyday you learn something new. To the enlightened, every day is a delightful mystery and every day you let go of something old.

These are two completely different orientations toward life.

I propose that freedom can never be attained through the ballot box. Freedom exists as all notions of reverence for political leaders and systems are replaced with a simple wonder for, and awareness of, the beauty and perfection of life.

This beauty and wonder is only available to those with inner freedom to be themselves and who live in love with nature and their neighbor.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.