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Inner Guidance 2 ~ Begin

Brighter Future

By Wallace Huey

Do you ever wish you could be handed the keys to open every door?

The door to abundant living
The door to bliss
The door to a happy marriage
The door to fulfillment
The door to unshakable inner peace

Imagine that!

However there is definitely such a key and it lies within.

It's the key to your higher consciousness.

Our higher or super consciousness is "speaking" to us all the time - in every moment! It expresses itself through our inner guidance. What is our inner guidance?

Here are some examples...

Having a dream for your life.
Receiving a vision.
Hearing a discarnate voice.
Receiving the solution to an intractable problem.
Feeling your hairs on your arm stand on end.
Knowing how to communicate in a stressful situation in the most loving way.
Receiving an insight into a situation that was troubling you.

And many many more...

So as you can see, our inner guidance is multi-layered and multi-functional.

Because we all have these capabilities, being really tuned in to inner guidance and following it without hesitation will turn you into a superman or superwoman.

So how can you get started?

If you are new to listening and following your inner guidance this is what I suggest...

Accept - that you need assistance with your life. It is a sign of strength to be open to help. And your inner guidance will only come forward if you acknowledge your need for assistance.

Relax - we all have our own favorite way of doing this and you probably have yours. Maybe it's running a bath, or going for a walk in the woods or sitting quietly looking out the window with a cup of tea when everyone is out of the house.

It doesn't matter which way suits you. What I suggest is that you catch a moment when it feels right for you to relax for a while and then follow it.

Ask - now you are relaxed simply ask inwardly for assistance. Ask in the way that comes most naturally. Sometimes inner guidance comes through in a more helpful way if we are specific in what we want help with. This can be achieved by framing your question clearly. As you become more open and more skilled your inner guidance will come through in more of a continuous stream without you needing to ask. But when you are starting out having a question and framing your question carefully definitely helps.

Maybe ask your question in a short prayer, or write down your question and then read it out, or ask silently within. The important point is to sense when you want to ask and follow this feeling in the most natural way for you.

Listen - this is the skill most essential for inner guidance. Listen without expecting to receive an answer. Let your awareness rest upon the question and maintain an inner openness, confident that an answer will come, but not expecting it to come.

As you listen be open to any change within. Maybe you sense that a change of course is needed in some area of your life. Maybe you receive a clear thought that you need to pay a bill. Maybe you know that you need to ring your brother and forgive him. Be open to all thoughts and sense impressions.

Express - as soon as you feel something stirring express it in the way most natural and easy way without any wish to sensor or alter it. You might feel drawn to write it down, draw an image, create some music, write poetry, pick up the phone and make a call - express whatever comes, without expectation and without any wish to control or amend what is coming through in any way.

Discern - having opened up to your heartfelt feeling, you can tell if that is sourced in your spiritual self, your higher consciousness - or if it is based on fears, ego and past conditioning. It's not difficult to do so, you simply ask: "Is this based on Love?" Is it caring, compassionate, kind, empathic, serving and benefitting others as well as yourself? You'll know and from this point forward you can be confident. Universal truth is based on Love.

Follow - this is the point of trust. Whatever your guidance, if it is based on Love then simply follow it. If your guidance feels quite risky and you lack confidence, begin to follow it by breaking it down into a simple first step. Take that step and then see how you feel. If you feel lighter and more expanded, take the next step in the direction your guidance suggests.

Review - after following your inner guidance on one or more topics for a while, take a time out and journal about your experiences. Is it working? Are you getting the results you need? Is it having a beneficial influence? Are you starting to know yourself better?

This is fun...

It's like being a child again and in many ways inner guidance draws on the more childlike and playful aspect of being human. So don't get too significant, and wonder - is this working? Am is going a bit mad? And other such "adult" thoughts. Simply allow the guidance to flow and allow yourself to follow it in whatever way feels most natural.

So there you have it - inner guidance for beginners in a nutshell. Thank you for spending time with me today.

Wallace Huey - Director of Training

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.