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Inner Guidance 4 ~ Mastery

Brighter Future

By Wallace Huey

A lot has to change in order for you to master inner guidance. You will...

  • Be living your life purpose
  • Have a purpose that is an expression of all your talents
  • Experience yourself as being in service to the whole planet.

If all three are in place and you have cleared yourself almost entirely from the hurts and disappointments of the past - if you can experience, accept and let them go - then you can arrive at mastery.

What does mastering inner guidance feel like?

You experience yourself anew... you are your familiar body and emotions, your thinking mind including your ego (sense of mental identity), and your more external higher self, the source of your inner guidance, all combined. And you are different. You are more conscious, more mindful, more response-able than reactive. More attuned to your loving source, your higher self. In practice, you have surrendered to this higher self - your truest self, the aspect of yourself that is all-knowing, that is part of the spiritual dimension of living. This higher self works with your mental, emotional and physical selves to achieve its and your highest purpose.

This means that when you awaken in the morning you get up. This may be at 4am or 9am or anytime. As soon as you awaken you get up, because your enthusiasm for life is so great that even if you waken at 4am you get up and happily begin your day of service to the planet.

Yours is a planetary awareness.

You are inwardly "given" your work for the day shortly after or even before you arise. This work fills you with so much joy you spring into action immediately. As you work, the resources - be they material, personal or financial - arrive at just the time you need them. Like magic, really.

Yours is an abundant life.

As your day unfolds, you meet people who you need to meet at just the time you need to meet them. Synchronicities are not an occasional wonder, they are a key component that form how your life unfolds - essential for assisting you achieve the monumental task you have been given. What you have been "given" is spontaneously arrived at, as distinct from a mental process of analysing, thinking and pondering - truth always known and always yours. Where it comes from is a mystery - a religious person might describe it as God-given.

Your day is full of surprise for both you and the people you work with.

As you encounter the problems of the day, of which there are many, the solutions arrive in your consciousness exactly when you need them, precisely on time and without even a hint of stress or struggle. As a result your life is one of unbroken inner peace; at the same time, excitement, abundance and fulfillment.

As you move through your day you cannot believe how everything is being so well organized and orchestrated even though mentally you may feel you have very little to do with how it is turning out. The ideas, impressions and feelings that come from your higher consciousness blend seamlessly with your own mental processes in a wonderful dance that is your unique Self Expression. Your own contribution to Universal Truth - Heaven brought down to Earth.

There is a delightful, playful and magical quality to your existence.

At the end of your day you give thanks for all you were given, for all that unfolded and for all that was created, because you know without a shadow of doubt, that it was only possible with the assistance of an unseen power that flows through you.

This leads to a feeling of deep humility, faith and trust. And power, but not in the egotistical sense, since this is the power of Love.

You go to bed and sleep soundly without waking, even though the responsibilities you carry are huge and the risks great.

Whereas others may be amazed at what you do and how you do it, for you it is the work of a happy innocent having fun with life.

This is what it feels like to be the master of inner guidance.

Wallace Huey - Director of Training

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.