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Does God Have a Home?

God's Home

By Wallace Huey

Does God have a home? And if so, where?

Jesus declared that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” And others say there is The Law of Reflection - “As within so without.”

But what does all this mean?

There is the story told in ancient times of the traveller journeying on foot to a nearby city. As he approached the city the traveller stopped and asked a wise man sitting by the side of the road, “I am new to this city. What kind of a city is it?” The wise man replied, “What was the last city like you just came from?” The traveller said, “Why, it was full of robbers and thieves.” “And the city up ahead is just the same,” said the wise man.

Then in due course another traveller came on foot down the road. He also stopped and asked the wise man the same question. “What kind of a city is it?” The wise man replied, “What was the last city like you just came from?” The traveller said, “Why, it was full of dancing bands, festive scenes and merriment.” “And the city up ahead is just the same,” said the wise man.

You see both these travelers were creating their reality from their thoughts. They carried these thoughts with them wherever they went and those same thoughts created the same reality, no matter where they travelled.

There is a point of breakthrough that starts a person on their spiritual quest. And this point of breakthrough is the day they truly get that how they think determines their world. And when a person truly gets this as an infallible Truth, their whole focus shifts from trying to change their life on the outside to changing their life on the inside.

It’s a monumental moment.

It’s the moment the Inside-Out movement gains another adherent.

And such a moment cannot be forced on another or even created by the power of argument. It is a moment of grace when a person sees - that’s all. And because they see and understand the primacy of seeing inwardly, their third eye is activated and their spiritual quest begins.

Now that the seeker’s focus is inward and their commitment is to change themselves, they begin to evolve spiritually. At first their life remains somewhat chaotic and stressful, but slowly their inner focus and commitment brings change. That old habit that they had experienced since being a teenager is dropped. That obscure but persistent tendency to worry reduces and eventually fades. The anger they often displaid at home diminishes. All replaced by a growing but unmistakable feeling of coming home - of being comfortable “in their own skin.”

To effect these changes they become increasingly aware of their own thought processes. The seeker gradually establishes himself as an observer of his own mind. At first what he observes is rather disturbing, made up as it is of all sorts of negative, destructive and reactive thought processes. In the early stages of his unfolding, this quite naturally can disturb the seeker and indeed with some they are so thrown by what they have begun to observe inwardly, that they turn back and forgo the inner journey.

But others, with a more courageous inclination, carry on and as they fearlessly continue the process of inner observation, their negative and destructive thought processes slowly diminish and the observer self gets stronger.

Until one day another great milestone in the seeker’s life takes place. The seeker breaks through a final barrier and is enveloped in a sea of unshakable inner peace. At this point the seeker realizes - it was all a game of tag and he was “it.” There is nothing to search for, no one to discover and nothing to observe. The observer and the observed have become One.

Of course “as within so without.” So as the seeker travelled on his inner quest, his outer life reflected his inner one. There were times of great inner chaos and his outer life too at times seemed to fall apart. And there were times when beautiful awakenings occurred and his outer life was filled with wonder, when even the quivering of a leaf in the wind possessed a presence not available to the thinking mind.

And now there is peace - unshakable inner peace - and beauty and wonder. Whereas before the seeker's life progressed through the application of effort and hard work, now there is a transparent ease, where all is effortless and flows within a bubble wherein resides Abiding Presence.

The seeker has travelled from himself to Himself. Or as the ancient Chinese saying goes, “Before enlightenment, chopped wood and drew water. After enlightenment, chopped wood and drew water.”

But who or what is this Abiding Presence?

The human heart is unfathomable.

God has found His Home.

Wallace Huey - Director of Training

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.