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God Has Escaped from the Churches!

Spiritual Life

By Wallace Huey

Here in Ireland, at last people have discovered that God does not need to be limited to the churches.

As a consequence there has been, in the past 20 years, a huge move away from church attendance and a migration away from church institutions.

A search has started all over Ireland, in thousands of small groups, for a God without limits to which people can both contribute and belong.

God has become democratic!

Like the state, He/She now belongs to the people.

This was always the case of course, but now people are waking up to it and claiming God as their own.

These groups take a myriad of forms... spiritual, meditation, complementary healing, personal development, self help, leadership, business, the list goes on and on.

However the one thing that runs through most of them is an understanding - overtly stated or subtly accepted - that each person in the group is sovereign and that the purpose of that group is to bring each person into a higher and deeper relationship with themselves, as a way of advancing spiritual understanding.

The next wave of the God revolution is what I call The Only Revolution, because it is the only revolution that can actually bring about lasting and positive change. This is where Divine Understanding will break out beyond these myriad groups and into society at large - into charities, institutions, and corporations. When it does then a new Golden Age will come to Ireland. Then, as a people, we will work with other enlightened societies, and help spread this new understanding across the planet.

And the wonderful thing about the Only Revolution is that it is inclusive. Every creed, every book, every teaching - and each participant is both leader and a follower. This is a revolution of heart and the heart cannot be limited to the wisdom of one man, one teaching or one religion. The heart is unfathomable in its wisdom, infinite in its reach and powerful in the energy of its passion.

The Golden Age is coming to Ireland and it is an unstoppable force.

To most Irish people this revolution is still invisible. The roots for the revolution are being laid in the heart-centered places. These places do not need publicity or promotion since people discover their existence when they are ready. They do not offer a product to be sold, but rather multiple realisations to be uncovered, a love to be shared and a deeper meaning for each person's life.

The most important discovery, available to each person attending such groups, is that spiritual awareness is enormously practical. With this awareness we can succeed in our business endeavours, have happy and fullfilling marriages, raise wonderful balanced children and make our societies work for everyone.

God has been discovered as employee, wife, husband, parent, charity leader, and business owner.

Members of these myriad groups are taking their enlightened awareness and plunging deeper into mainstream Irish society... into where they work, the corporate job; deeper into their home, repairing and healing the immediate and wider family; and deeper into their commitment to serve, making a difference to those in greatest need.

So in Ireland, God may have escaped from the churches but he has found expression in the hearts of Irish men and Irish women and put to work all across the nation.

If you would like to learn how Trans4mind can empower people to contribute to The Only Revolution in your group, organisation or business, I'd be delighted to assist. Simply drop me an email, I will be thrilled to be of service.

Kind regards,

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.