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How God Fixed My Car!


By Wallace Huey

I had a car mechanic, just retired, who ran a remarkable business... because God fixed the cars!

Mike is a remarkable man who set up his business many years ago as a way of getting back into the workforce after experiencing severe burnout.

Mike learned a lot during his time in the "hothouse" of personal transformation and emerged from the experience a very different person from the ambitious, driven man he had been when younger.

So he started his car repair business because he loved cars and it was also a way he could support his wife and 5 children.

Mike fixed and maintained my car for 12 years and during those years I learned a lot from Mike of what I know about the practical application of spirituality in everyday working life.

God is Truth, so the first lesson Mike taught me was to always be a person of integrity. For example, one day when with Mike, I referred to him as a mechanic. He stopped me for a minute and said, "Wallace, I'm not a mechanic. I'm the person who takes care of your transport needs." So what did this mean in practice? It meant that whenever Mike was doing the service on my car I would sometimes receive a telephone call that went something like this... "Wallace, there is a problem with your battery. It's not showing up at the moment when you drive your car, but I know from experience that your battery will fail soon and you could be left at the side of the road. Would you like me to replace it?"

Now you may be forgiven for thinking "How do I know he was telling the truth?" Well, when you collected your car, you got a bill with everything broken down. All the parts, which were fitted for the same price as he had them supplied, and his labour priced by time and itemized separately. All lovingly handwritten with a copy for him and a copy for me. And this was done consistently as long as I had Mike service my car.

You see for Mike integrity wasn't just something he talked about, it was something he practiced, down to accounting for every nut and screw. Such integrity, visibly demonstrated in the way he worked, built up over the years a huge bond of trust. I remember having the tires of my car replaced at a tire specialist about 4 miles from where Mike worked. I asked the owner of the business if he knew Mike. He said he did. I was feeling a bit mischievous so I asked him if he would trust Mike to repair his car. He replied, "Huh. Trust him to repair my car? I'd trust Mike with my life!"

That's the kind of reputation you can get when you practice integrity at that level consistently for years. Everyone felt they could trust Mike with their life. And many did.

God is Love and the second lesson Mike taught me is to put more love into your business and don't always count the cost. You see Mike didn't just fix cars. Mike fixed people. As well as his well-heeled customers, like senior members of the Irish police force, he would collect around him many of society's waifs and strays. People who couldn't really afford to run a car. And Mike would go out of his way to keep them on the road, with a bit of "creative accounting" when it came to adding up their bill. And some of these people really did trust Mike with their life. They told him lots of things they wouldn't even tell a qualified counsellor. I never knew any of it of course, because Mike knew how to keep confidences, but I knew enough to know that it went on.

And Mike must have known how to help, because the waifs and strays made it their business to hang around his car mechanic shed for hours, Mike often putting them to work holding the torch or helping hold open the door of the car while he worked on something.

Mike was a great teacher and he taught mainly through the example of his life rather than with words.

The third lesson Mike taught me is that God doesn't need to advertise Himself and nor do you. In 2008 the Irish economy hit the buffers in the biggest recession since the 1930's. Car businesses were going bust all over the city. But not Mike. His business sailed through the recession like it never happened. And he never advertised. Didn't even have a sign on the road or even on his shed.

His business was able to defy the normal laws of business because it was powered by a force that shone from Mike himself - Love in Action.

Six months ago Mike had a bit of a mishap and he fell off his bike and hit his head. He was hospitalized and when he returned home, decided to call it a day with his car mechanic business. It was the end of an era.

He never talked too much about his mishap but I know enough to understand that it was caused by something that happened in his brain, maybe caused by high blood pressure. I can't really be sure because Mike lives for other people and so very rarely, if ever, talks about his own problems.

Mike is a one off. He taught me much of what I know about the practical application of spirituality. And with Peter Shepherd's agreement and help, I have built it all into Trans4mind. Today Mike has reinvented himself as an energy healer, and I think works with people who come to see him. Truth is I'm not really sure because he doesn't talk about that much either. Just like his car mechanic business, he doesn't need to.

Mike had a vision and still does. His vision is that the self employed and tradespeople would not only supply a trade, but would do so with love. He used to say to me, "Imagine Wallace, if every tradesperson you had in your life operated out of a motive of love and service, what kind of world would it be?"

Well I don't have to imagine. I know. My Toyota Avensis car, which Mike advised on, inspected and approved before I bought it (all part of his looking after my transport needs approach), and which had 30,000 miles on the clock at the point of purchase, is still going strong. Today it has 185,000 miles on the clock! Over the last 12 years all I did was have it serviced at the same time it needed its National Car Test. Mike would take care of the service and made sure it was fit to go through the NCT at the same time. The car never failed the NCT and the only thing I had to replace on it was the battery I mentioned and the clutch, which was replaced after 180,000 miles as part of my regular service.

In all those years I had many worries and concerns but the one thing I never had a problem with was my car. That's because, through Mike, God took care of it and me at the same time.

Maybe some day the tradesmen and women of the world will lead by example, and touch our lives with Divine Grace in they way they look after our all our needs.

I certainly hope so. It's the world I want to live in and have others enjoy living in too. Having such service everywhere is what the new Golden Age will look and feel like.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.