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Living an Effortless Life!


By Wallace Huey

Nature is my greatest teacher.

In nature everything proceeds without effort. All animals and plants function in accordance with their nature. Trees don't try and grow they just grow. Rivers don't try and flow, they flow effortlessly until they reach the ocean. Even a cheetah, the fastest animal on Earth, uses the principle of minimum effort to catch and kill its prey.

Man is unique in nature's kingdom in that we have the ability to make conscious decisions. This gives us free will to choose our actions, unlike an animal that acts according to its instincts. An animal is almost totally reactive. Have you ever plaid with a dog? Throw a ball in front of a sheepdog and it will automatically decide to chase it. It may think "Will I chase this?" I don't really know. But if it thinks at all it's thoughts are paltry things when set against a dogs instincts. With animals the instinctive self rules.

You may say, "Yes and I know people like that as well." And indeed there are a small number of people, whose reflective consciousness is so underused, and their reactive instincts so strong, that their consciousness is not quite, but similar to that of a higher mammal for example.

However most people, the vast majority, do reflect before they act, at least some of the time. It's at this point that the thinker is born. The person who "thinks before he acts." So what tool does the thinker use to assist his process of reflection? His tool is awareness. And the problem with the thinker is that at any point his awareness is partial. He only sees a tiny piece of what is involved in making his decision. And that explains why most human decisions are of poor quality and often lead to further problems. And so the life of effort and struggle is born.

However there is a type of consciousness that has as its modus operandi a total awareness of itself and it's environment. This type of consciousness is born when, in response to an inner invitation, the person surrenders their freedom to choose and instead aligns themselves voluntarily, completely and permanently with their source of inner wisdom, which comes from higher or super consciousness. And it is this super conscious capability that allows the person to always respond instead of react and to respond in creative ways to any situation in which they find themselves. It is this creative response, born out of super conscious awareness, that gives rise to what in Indian Philosophy is known as Right Action - the spontaneous and conscious response of an instant.

When a person has surrendered to inner wisdom, their actions and decisions proceed without the usual analysis of for and against, of pros and cons. Inner wisdom comes from a knowing, which in its highest form is immediate and certain. In such Right Action, decisions proceed at speed and are always exactly matched to the needs of the occasion. All effort disappears, because the consequences of such decisions and actions only create the best possible outcome. There is little to no negative consequence to act as a brake on the person's life, relationships and work.

The analytical mind still has a role of course, but that role is now subservient to the intuitive response and akin "tidying up the kitchen once the meal has been made."

It is access to the super conscious that is the secret of effortless manifestation. This is because such consciousness proceeds with singularity of focus. When the thinking mind is active, considering, doubting and worrying, consciousness is by its very nature divided within itself. Therefore manifestation is equally fraught. But when a person operates from a super conscious awareness the focus is singular and therefore an incredibly powerful creative tour de force.

To doubt is to divide the power of your intention. To know with certainty is to give single focus to all your intentions. Such focus is unstoppable. This is the potential inherent in every human being - this is our true nature. To come into super consciousness is the secret of effortless and massive creativity and manifestation.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.