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From Fire and Water to Man and Woman

fire and water

By Wallace Huey

Everything in life has its opposite. We would not know love, if we had never experienced hate! We could not extinguish fire, if we did not have water! And (for heterosexuals) we would not know how to feel like a woman without the attention of a man!

In the West great importance is given to the realisation of Truth. And to counter this philosophical impulse, great importance is given in the East to the attainment of Balance.

So what is balance and how can we have more of it in our lives?

Balance happens when opposites are held in dynamic harmony. For this to happen each must play its part. Take activity and rest. When either is over-emphasized then productivity, fulfillment and joy diminish. Or take the tension between family life and work... When either goes out of balance, programs in education for "work/life balance" come into existence.

It is a law of nature and of man that everything must return to a state of balance. And the further we are from balance, the more we and others around us will suffer.

Balance is a state that one can arrive at by paying attention. And the key to paying attention is found in an inner balance which is continually present when in a state of unshakable inner peace. Such an exalted inner state is largely free of suffering.

So to find balance we need to focus within and nurture peace and harmony. And paying attention to our suffering is a key skill in learning when we are in or out of balance.

For example, are you delighted to rise in the morning and to go into work? Or does the thought fill you with a subtle but pervasive dread? The dread you feel, should you choose to become aware of it and the suffering it engenders, is a sign that something is out of balance in your working life.

Now you can choose to ignore this feeling, and millions do every morning, or you can choose to acknowledge it. If you acknowledge it you are opening yourself to greater inner sensitivity. Then having acknowledged it you can then choose either to live with this suffering or to act to bring greater balance to your working life and in so doing end the suffering and come to a place of greater inner peace. And the changes you may need to make can appear as quite daunting and challenging to the busy and doubting analytical mind.

This is what is often so confusing for people who are new to the spiritual path. They begin their inner journey to find greater peace and fulfillment and then discover to their dismay, that their suffering is increasing. For many this is a surprising and disappointing development and they turn away from the inner journey at this point and go back to their old habits, disillusioned.

However if the spiritual traveller is forewarned that their increased sensitivity will initially lead to an awareness of their suffering then they can press ahead, knowing this is a temporary stage in their unfoldment, from which they can learn where and how to focus corrective actions that return them to balance.

The world of today is becoming increasingly out of balance. For many this is a worrying trend. However this trend of increasing imbalance across so may fields of human endeavor, military, environmental, financial, to name a few, are actually portents of a seismic shift in human consciousness. The challenges that these imbalances create are causing millions to look within and find the cause within themselves, to correct it and in so doing bring about a greater balance in their own lives.

As more and more people act in this way to face their individual challenges and bring about balance, so the entire planet will follow suit. For the Earth is shifting in governance from natural unconscious law, the laws that govern the natural world, to conscious spiritual law, the laws of conscious creation, which contain the laws of the natural world, while at the same time transcending them.

Humankind evolved in the wild plains of East Africa. Theirs was an unconscious existence where life was experienced as in harmony with the natural world, where tribal identity was pervasive, where danger was everywhere and the need for survival was paramount. As these native men and women spread across the globe, and the fledgling civilizations in the valleys of the Tigris and the Euphrates began to blossom, a search began in the hearts of humans for the Self.

At first this Self expressed itself in cruel, blood-thirsty, authoritarian societies, interspersed on rare occasions with a glimpse, as in the Ancient Greek Civilization, of a higher awareness. And on humankind stumbled, searching for a way to extricate themselves from the mud and dirt of the ancestors on the African Plains. Slowly, ever so slowly, a higher consciousness began to show itself, in art and architecture and later in science and technology.

And so we reach today...

And as the Earth, and all who reside within her biosphere, enter the end game of this great shift, life on Earth is ascending from the laws of unconscious governance to the laws of conscious governance. As part of this great shift the relationship between Man and Woman is coming into balance and humans of every creed, race and color are beginning to walk consciously, some even as Gods, building the new Earth, an Earth at home among the stars.

man and woman
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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.