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What is a Creative Genius?

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By Wallace Huey

There is a type of thinking, well known to the most creative minds, where the thinker becomes an observer of their mind at work. However for nearly everyone who enters this state of mindfulness at times the thinker descends in consciousness and becomes identified with negative or limiting thought processes - I’m not good enough, I can never do this, this is too difficult.

The genius never experiences this, which empowers him to take mindfulness to another level - that of a continuous, positive, life affirming stream of uplifting thought and action. This empowers the genius to unite the purity of the observer consciousness, with the stream of positive, uplifting and inspirational thought so that the thinker and the thought become One. This Oneness is thinking as a genius.

In this exalted state of extreme openness, creativity is not something that one works at - creativity is simply received. And what lifts such creativity to genius level is when that received stream of thought is opened to full flow and this flow maintained for a protracted period. It's during times like these that a "work of genius" is created and birthed into the world.

For the creative genius is not just an ideas person. He is a man of action. The genius practices creative action wherein all his actions are creative. What does this mean in practice? It means that everything done by the creative genius is precisely as it needs to be.

So how come the creative genius finds his way in a world of so many possibilities and choices. The creative genius finds his way because he is tuned to a waveband of meaning that he listens for with every fibre of his being. The creative genius stays resolutely on his own creative path of maximum potential because he has developed an acute sensitivity to what the world needs now!

The creative genius looks into the far distant future, into the unformed world. It is this world of pure potential that calls him forward and which resonates profoundly and deeply within his own heart and that he knows contains his own particular life purpose.

For the creative genius this unformed world appears as a hole in the world of created things. A hole that he knows is his purpose and calling to fill.

As the creative genius works he discerns the unmet needs that live in this world of pure potential. His is a spiritual sight, able to see into the invisible world of pure potential and relate that which is needed with his own or other's life experience. The creative genius then, through the complete absence of analytical processes, is able to receive images, words and thoughts that automatically come into awareness and match to the needs present in the world of pure potential. Then the creative genius is able, through his huge detachment, to perceive how all these individual and discrete thoughts can be interconnected into a whole that forms a complete solution to all the unanswered needs that are his concern and to which he is devoting his life.

As the creative genius fine tunes "his" creation it takes a shape and form that answers, and is an excellent solution for, the needs present in the creative genius's spiritual sight.

It is at this point that what has been created forms an entity - an entity ready to be introduced into the world and an entity that can ultimately live and have its being independent of the creative genius.

Even though the creative genius is highly skilled and a person of exceptional talent, his creations are usually not at first recognised by the wider society in which he lives and works. It is only when a few adventurous individuals see some of its potential, engage with what the creative genius has made and gain the benefits therefrom, that others then have the courage to follow this person's lead.

Then as momentum builds for the product or service the creative genius has created, in time the whole world gets to see and understand it's true value. It is only at this point that the world at large gets to see that what was created was indeed an act of extraordinary achievement, worthy of recognition and adoption.

Then the creative genius lets go completely of his creation, leaving it to be carried forward by others and opening the way for his next piece of work and his next calling.

For the creative genius lives not for himself but in service to humanity and the many and continually arising unmet needs that are present in the field of pure potentiality and which urgently require his attention.

Note: Inspirational thought does not cover the whole picture of our interaction with life - learning, experience, experimentation, teamwork, rational intelligence and so on all play their part. However it's an aspect that is often neglected and it is the genius element that more often than not leads to the significant breakthrough. Remember, even the Theory of Relativity was intuited.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.