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Seeing Without Eyes


By Wallace Huey

It says in the Bible that without vision the people perish. But what kind of vision is being written about. There is a kind of seeing that happens without our eyes. And everyone has this ability.

The scientist can use this talent to "see" a new formulation. The engineer to "see" a new design. The poet to "see" an original poem. The Entrepreneur to "see" a new business opportunity. The artist to "see" a new painting. And the spiritual person to "see" a new revelation that he can share with humanity.

Let's be clear what we are talking about here. We are talking about "seeing" not imagining. And such seeing is not through our physical eyes but rather with the assistance of what is known as The Third Eye, a faculty of higher consciousness, that has been activated by a few, but which lies dormant in most.

Imagination is a process of the brain which can draw on past experience to create images in the mind's eye. Whereas having a vision is a God given revelatory experience where what is revealed is instantly whole and complete.

Let me share what I mean through an example. About 10 years ago I visited Marin County outside San Francisco in California to see my sister who lives there. When on my trip we went along to visit the Marin County county hall building. As an architect by training, I marvelled at the beauty and elegance of its design. This building has become iconic in the San Francisco area and is now protected as it is considered of historical value. It was the last building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous 20th century American architect.

The pictures of the original site showed an empty field, with two small hills. While on the guided tour of the building the tour guide shared with us how Frank Lloyd Wright, when he first visited the virgin rural site where the building was to be built, stood on the top of one of the small hills and declared to his team that he was going to design a building that would run across the middle of the site from one small hill to the other.

When he returned to his design studio he very quickly drew up the plans for a new county hall that spanned between the two hills on the site and that solved all the design problems in the client's brief in a wonderfully elegant way. Frank Lloyd Wright "saw" the solution when standing on one of the hills with his team and he "knew" it would work.

Such inspiration is actually revelation and comes from this innate human faculty to "see" in wholes and in complete solutions. Many of the fine detail may not be present in that initial vision but the artist, scientist, engineer, or entrepreneur, when their revealed inspiration is worked up into the complete solution, discovers that all the details find their rightful place, that everything slots in effortlessly and that the finished entity is a complete solution to the task at hand.

Visions given instantly in this way, and that are whole and complete in themselves, are true revelations, way beyond the usual experience of being creative.

It's because Frank Lloyd Wright was capable of receiving such high level revelation that he was able to design the Marin County county hall effortlessly, even though he was in his 90's.

Spiritual Teachers are also open to such revelation and it is through receiving and "seeing" in this way that they are able to have revealed to them new teachings and new understandings, which they can then share with the world.

So whether we are an artist, scientist, entrepreneur or spiritual teacher, by progressively opening up to divine revelation we can deepen the quality of our offerings to society and like Frank Lloyd Wright, accelerate our productivity even into old age!

For the Divine energy of revelation that is available to every person, is forever youthful in its childlike capacity to expand the fount of human understanding and aesthetic sensibility.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.