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Awaken Your Inner Giant


By Wallace Huey

Every human being is capable of so much more than they can imagine. We have not been created to wander around like midgets - we have been born to be Giants, to stride powerfully across the face of the Earth and to leave our mark.

You may say - but I have little education, even less money and no meaningful skills. These are only excuses to keep us from making a commitment and taking a stand for something in our life. To keep us from growing up and being responsible.

You don't agree? Let me tell you a story...

Last weekend I watched an interview on the Late Late Show, Irelands premier evening chat show (and the world's longest running). One of the guests on the show was a young Irishman who had his neck broken in a hayfield accident when he was 18 years old. He was now 30.

The accident meant that he could not move anything except his head. He said jokingly that he was the only young man in Ireland to have two beautiful young women accompany him to the shower every day!

Then, in answer to the interviewer's questions, this young man began to share what he had achieved with his life. He had got his school leaving certificate and a university degree, travelled to many countries, started two successful businesses, built a new house, successfully campaigned to change Irish laws on disability and last year he won the 2016 Social Enterprise Award for Ireland and was starting a social enterprise to promote businesses all over Ireland who provided high quality access for disabled people.

Phew! The interviewer was astounded. He said he could not imagine himself doing all those things even though he had all his faculties and had lived a lot longer.

You see the human Spirit is irrepressible and unstoppable. It is this same Spirit that had three elderly men lift a tractor off my grandfather when it had rolled over on him when he was 81 years old crushing his rib cage and that same Spirit that that had him make a full recovery and return to full time farming at the age of 82.

So please don't give me your excuses - I'm just not interested. As a Spiritual Teacher and Director of Trans4mind's team of life coaches I'm only interested in your potential, not in your excuses.

So how did that young man create such an incredible life and make such a valuable contribution to society?

I know, from personal experience, how to awaken your Inner Giant, no matter what your personal circumstances.

If you want your life to matter, if you want it to mean something for yourself and others, listen carefully. Here are 3 easy to remember steps to achieving the life beyond your dreams...

  1. Have a Vision
    Without a vision you are like a leaf blowing in the wind. You drift this way and that without any clear direction and little progress. So learn to write, sketch, and speak your vision so you can gain clarity for yourself and can share it with others. Remember the highest aims and aspirations are just as easy to imagine as the most pedestrian - so why not lead an inspiring life!
  2. Develop a Powerful Sense of Focus
    Now that you have your vision you need to focus on it - every day. Part-timers do not create powerful visions. Your focus needs to be absolute. This means you will actually embody your vision. It becomes the reason you get out of bed in the morning and the reason you do not need much sleep. You will know when you are totally focussed on your vision because living your vision in this way will give you immense energy and power.
  3. Build Your Own Personal Team
    Even though living this way empowers you with superhuman energy, on your own your power is still limited. If we harness the power of other people to assist us with our vision, our power can then become unlimited. To harness the power of other people we must adopt a very humble position in the creative process. We must admit that we do indeed need help, that on our own our power is limited and when we receive that help we must give the credit to those other people who are helping us.

Remember even Jesus had 12 Apostles.

In other words we must allow our vision and its accomplishment to be shared. And if it creates wealth and recognition we must allow that to be shared as well. We will know we are making progress when the people around us feel and experience it as "their" vision - and you become more and more invisible. You are still important of course as the primary holder of the vision and it's that which must become your main purpose. This only works if you are totally focussed on the achievement of the vision and not your own personal kudos!

I look forward to learning about your progress.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.