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Is What Lies Before Us Simply a
Reflection of What Lies Within Us?


By Wallace Huey

When we look out at the world what do we see?
Could we be looking at a reflection of ourselves?
If so how does this correspondence come about?

At Trans4mind we put emphasis on being aware of and choosing the values we hold. That is why we deal with the subject of values in our workshop on Be a Person of Integrity and then revisit it again in our workshop on What is Love?

Why do we place such an emphasis in our training on values? Because our values determine our intentions and our intentions determine what we create in the world.

Some people mistakenly say - "I am not creative!" This is simply not true because as human beings we create every moment of every day. When my 90 year old mother sat in her chair every day I used to joke with her about the number of jobs she was creating - all the carers, nurses, doctors and consultants - even though she sat immobile every day, she created a fair sized team of people to support her in life. She actually was creating more jobs that any other member of her immediate family!

So as people we are constantly creating. But what do we create? That's the key question.

There has been a lot written recently about the Law of Attraction but what is rarely emphasised is that it is actually the values we hold dear, whether consciously or sub-consciously, that reach out ahead of us like an invisible magnetic field, and that draw to us all the resources we use to live our life. It was through her life long commitment to the values of love and service that empowered my mother to create such a team in her 90's.

This is a primary example of what lies before us be a reflection of what lies within us?

Then in our emotional life, the emotions we have within us at any time, attract the emotions we experience from other people with whom we are in communication.

When I was a young man I was a very angry person much of the time. This either kept people away or had others communicate with me in an angry way in return. I remember one incident when I fell out with the neighbour's son and my father took me inside, lifted me off the ground by grabbing my shirt with a clinched fist and pinned me to the wall, shouting aggressively as he did so.

As a result of this anger I held inside, I felt I was always relating as if surrounded by a glass screen - a screen of anger that kept me from connecting with other people.

So we can see that the primary emotions that live within us attract and determine what lives around us.

A third thing that lives within us are our desires. There is an old saying in Ireland "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!" This saying is testament to the power of our desires to attract the objects of our desire into our life - for better or worse!

The power of desire is plaid out strongly in the relationships we attract. Many people attract partners that are very like their parents. My first two girlfriends were both quiet, even timid, who always deferred to me to make decisions. Subconsciously I was desiring such a relationship because it had a similar dynamic to my relationship with my mother. This was something I was desiring, but because these desires were sub-conscious, I was not aware of them and as a result they were attracting the wrong kind of partners into my life.

Eventually I became aware of these subconscious desires and developed a more appropriate vision of the kind of woman who would be a perfect partner for me. This new vision reshaped my desires and shortly after making this transition I met and married my soul mate Carolyn. We have been happily married for 15 years.

A fourth thing that lives within us are our beliefs. We all have beliefs and they have incredible power to shape our life in the outer world.

I remember when I was released from a mental hospital after treatment for schizophrenia, after talking to my psychiatrist I chose to believe that I would never work again. And guess what, I spent the next 10 years in a state of permanent unemployment. I did work at different things during this period, but none of it was gainful employment. Yet again, through attending to my own personal development, I eventually became aware of these unproductive beliefs and replaced them with a more positive outlook and today of course I run an international personal development company.

I trust from the four examples above you can see more clearly that what lies before us is indeed a reflection of what lies within us?

That is why nearly all the great spiritual teachers have stayed away from politics as a vehicle for bringing about a more peaceful and harmonious world, and instead focussed most of their energies on assisting people to transform their inner world. These teachers know that by transforming their inner world, their outer world will also transform to match and reflect their new inner awareness. These teachers are aware that to change the world, we need to help each person transform their inner world first. That is why I believe Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

If you want to have a happy and fulfilling life, you must make understanding and transforming yourself your number one objective. And that is also why we offer Trans4mind Personal Development Training to assist the users of our site take the most exciting, interesting and fruitful journey life has to offer, the journey of self discovery.


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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.