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From A.I. to I.A.

From A.I. to I.A.

By Wallace Huey

The computer scientists of the world are enthusiastically investing large amounts of time, money and expertise, into developing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). They dream of a brave new world populated by intelligent machines who will live, work and play with humans. This artificial intelligence, they postulate, will drive our vehicles, power domestic robots and even help us create a colony on Mars!

But is this vision nirvana or banana!

Let us remember that the vast majority of these scientists have a predominantly materialistic and mechanistic worldview. True these machines have now reached a point where they are very life-like, especially when in robot form, and do have an evolutionary path of development, but they are nonetheless just machines.

See and hear a robot called Sophia in discussion with Tony Robins on YouTube.

Of course to some of these scientists, robots and their ilk are the future. They dream of a point of singularity, where the robot will become more capable and competent than the human. Some of these scientists when they speak even have a robotic cadence in their human voice, such is the depth of their immersion in the machine world they are creating. For them the robot is the pinnacle of human achievement.

But are they correct?

As materialistic scientists, few of them ever discuss or allude to what makes the difference between a robot and a human being. By and large they completely fail to recognize that a person is a spiritual being who happens to inhabit a material body. They rejoice in the prospect of, as they see it, creating a machine that is “better” than a human being - more productive, more intelligent, better memory, more stamina, faster, quicker, more efficient and the list goes on and on.

In this brave new world, postulated by Elon Musk and others, the robots will do most jobs and the human population will be left to simply exist on a handout from the state, with no particular purpose. Beyond this they have no vision for humanity, only a vision for the machines and for their ever increasing power and wealth, as they draw to themselves the financial fruits of the efficiencies created from this robot world.

However this worldview, filled as it is with ever evolving and increasingly efficient electrical and mechanical devices, accompanied by their creators and their massive wealth, does have a purpose of which these scientists are completely unaware.

The purpose of their work and their selfishness is not to create a world dominated by them and their machines, but to turn civilization into the perfect incubation chamber for mass planetary awakening and the birth of the human population from 3rd dimension awareness into 5th dimension, or Integrated Awareness (I.A.).

These scientists are the harbingers, not only for the creation of robotics, but for the birth of a new kind of human being.

So how will this transformation come about?

What will be the effect on the mass of humanity, when they see these increasingly life-like machines take over their jobs and the work around the house? When I put myself in their place it is easy to see how I would perhaps have a mixed bag of negative emotions, such as anger, depression born of a lack of purpose, poor self esteem, and other similar emotions. After all, who wants to feel they now play second fiddle to machines in nearly every arena of human activity.

I would also postulate that the self same scientists who created these machines will experience the same existential crisis. For if you have a mechanistic world view and you have created a machine that is better than yourself in nearly every respect, where do you fit in, what is your purpose and the even deeper question you will ask is - who am I?

Crucially these are the three questions that lie waiting to be addressed when a person begins their spiritual journey. They are the fundamental questions of life and of existence - questions most people shy away from their entire life. But with robots running the show and disillusionment endemic, there will be no other questions to ask.

It is at this point of singularity, not only for the emergence of the mechanical (A.I.) man but also the emergence of the Spiritual (I.A.) Man, that the many millions of heretofore under-employed 5th dimension Spiritual People, already spread across the face of the planet, and who have been waiting patiently for their moment to come, will step forward and assist the mass of humanity make this pivotal transition to a spiritual consciousness.

Then Heaven will have arrived on Earth.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.