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Roots: The Foundation For Living


By Wallace Huey

Everyone gets their own start in life. Some people are brought up in loving families and others may begin life as orphans. Whatever start in life we are given, most of us become adults and are responsible for making our own way.

At 18 years of age, some of us will already have well developed roots and some of us not so much. However from the threshold of adulthood, we are all responsible for our life and that means acting to create our own roots.

For some this may mean repairing family relationships that were fractured when we were children. For others it may mean seeking out an education or skills that equip us to earn a living. And for others it may mean attending to a near non-existent spiritual life.

These three, our relationships, our work life and our spirituality are the three main roots and the wonderful thing about becoming an adult, is that we are given the freedom to grow them for ourselves.

So how can we put down roots in these three main areas of our life?

The most important relationship we have is with ourself. This means looking within to become aware of where our inner life lacks harmony and peace. For example, if someone is angry with you, do you feel the urge to strike back, either with words or even physically? So self-awareness of our reactions is the starting point for going beyond our hurt, sadness and fear. Then as we develop our relationship with ourself, and begin to grow roots deep into our heart and soul, so our relationship with others improves. As within, so without.

We can also approach the need to grow deep inner roots outwardly. We can look at those aspects of our relationships that lack harmony and change the way we communicate and relate. So by bringing peace to the space between ourself and another we can actually work on our own healing. As without, so within. There is no barrier or hierarchy when it comes to growing roots.

Being happy and financially successful when at work is another important way we can strengthen our roots. Once we have learnt the art of survival then we can begin to turn our attention to needs we have that are higher than the purely material. Then we can begin, from this survival foundation, to explore vitally important issues like our life purpose. To come to know why we were born. To explore and then express our unique talents. To discover how to make our work an act of service and prayer, a kind of moving meditation of benign, helpful, self-expression and creativity.

This can be challenging because who we really are may not always be welcomed in a world where most people’s lives are governed by the conditioning they picked up from their family or during their education. The truly free self-expressed person often finds it difficult to carve out a place for himself in society. However your roots of authentic self-expression are one of the most important foundations for your life.

To have an ongoing relationship with the Divine or Higher Power is the third vitally important root. This relationship is founded on being able to hear and follow that still, small voice within, which in the early stages of our spiritual development is so often crowded out by the clamoring of a wounded ego. Every hurt or destructive memory we carry brings with it a host of negative thoughts and emotions forming a weaving screen of disturbance that comes between us, our observer self, and our inner wisdom.

No wonder so many people are completely confused by the subject of inner guidance, many dismissing it altogether as akin to witchcraft and sorcery and certainly not worthy of serious study let alone practice. However as we nurture this inner Divine connection and more especially as we follow it, we discover an enchanted life, very different from the life offered when we do not have these spiritual roots. We become anchored to our Soul - an unshakable inner sanctum, that nothing can disturb or upset.

So to plant roots deep in the soil of life, I encourage you to attend to these three: your relationships, your work and your spirit. And to regard your whole life as a school, where every day you are offered lessons in how, through learning to embrace pain and go beyond suffering, you eventually come to that place where the mystics dwell, a place I cannot describe, because it is beyond any descriptive power!

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.