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God Does Not Need Advertising or Publicity
(And Nor Do You!)


By Wallace Huey

If you really are a person of the Truth, do you need to shout about it?

The Truth is its own authority. The Truth is its own justification. And the Truth is its own power. It does not need anything else.

But many of us in the field of personal development are fearful of not embellishing our work with advertising, publicity and “motivational talks”.

There is another way - a much better way. That way is through love, the kind of love you create through friendships.

And at Trans4mind this is our approach as well. As we take our training out to the marketplace, we have many suggestions, mostly unsought, from people who are convinced that they can give us good advice. This advice usually consists of advertising on, you guessed it, FaceBook or (God forbid) Google. Or running special discounts, offers or advertising campaigns, for example on Black Friday, (as if it wasn’t black enough already).

And my Co-Director and I have eschewed all such advice, preferring instead the (perhaps) slower and more genuine path of making friends and serving people.

Most people completely ignore the power inherent in being of service. And even those that do not ignore it rarely understand the concept. Service, in itscorrect and purest form, means getting yourself and your own desires, aims and objectives, out of the picture so that your focus, and your love, is all offered to the other person.

Very few people have ever experienced being in a relationship, business or otherwise, where the other person is completely committed to your welfare. Where you can literally cheat, steal and abuse the other person and they still keep batting for you.

To the everyday person, this is crazy nonsense. But to the spiritual person, this is how you demonstrate your love. And this Love is mysterious. It does not follow a predictable pattern, it is not based on a belief, systematic or otherwise. This Love is highly spontaneous and always it is inviting you, as the recipient of this love, to self reflect and learn from your actions.

Of course, this Love, being exceedingly rare, gets a mixed reception. Some people, a few, are completely enchanted and draw close. Others are repelled and run away. Always, if you are in relationship with a person of love, it will provoke a reaction. And it is through your reactions that you are invited to look within.

Such love is Divine in nature. Over time it is in incredibly attractive. Authenticity cannot help but shine like a beacon, in a crazy messed up world. And it is the presence of such love that explains why God does not need advertising and publicity. And it is by possessing such love yourself, that neither do you!

That is why, when you run a company with this approach, your publicity and advertising costs are zero and your potential is limitless.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.