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IQ without EQ = Recipe for Problems


By Wallace Huey

In the western world (and increasingly across the whole world) great emphasis is placed on the power of the mind (I.Q.) and little on the power of the heart (E.Q. or Emotional Quotient).

Why is this? The different countries education services are designed specifically around developing mental capability. Consequently, as people stay longer in the education system, mental capability continues to grow but becomes isolated from feelings and intuition. Creativity, expression and inner knowing get left behind.

But what of the heart? The heart needs an education service too. It is the heart that offers each person access to their empathy, emotional intelligence and compassion. If we continue to educate and develop the mind, without educating the heart, the world is heading for disaster.

IQ without EQ = Recipe for Problems

As people become more mentally capable, then if the heart has not been developed in parallel, it’s likely they will graduate and use their increased mental capability to create all manner of services and products with dubious benefit. Such products and services would likely include even more clever financial products designed to confuse and exploit the customer, even more tacky manufactured products that do damage to the environment and even more health services that care little for the number of patients waiting on trolleys.

Mind and heart can and must be educated together. The future of our societies depends on it. Our personal development resources aim to train mind and heart to work together in unison, to enhance their E.Q. or Emotional Intelligence, to awaken their capacity to care, to be kind and to empathize. This creates an environment of mutual support, aplace of transformation, with resulting benefits in organizational harmony and personal and inter-personal wellbeing.

We call this the Only Revolution, because it is the only revolution that can actually deliver our society out of the mess into which it has sunk. Plus our education service provides another additional dimension, S.Q.

What is S.Q?

S.Q. is Spiritual Quotient. We train participants in accessing and tapping into their spiritual capabilities. Spiritual capabilities include listening to your intuition, having a vision and being aware of your conscience, to name a few. These are the most powerful capabilities present in a human being and they beautifully complement I.Q. and E.Q.

I.Q + E.Q. + S.Q. = G.Q. (Genius Quotient)

Have you ever marveled at people like Gandhi or Mother Teresa? People who seemed to be able to single handedly change the course of history, not through personal wealth, armed combat or political power but through their G.Q.

Up to now such people have been rare and the exception. But they show what the human being is capable of. Now in My Breakthrough Experience, we have a service, available online, that can awaken people everywhere to their inherent genius.

This is what is needed in the world today. Millions of people with G.Q. People who can rise to the increasingly urgent challenges of the 21st century and turn the mothership around.

Make no mistake. Humanity is at a crossroads. No one is going to save us. We can only look to ourselves and our latent G.Q.

You will be engaging with a rewarding present and an exciting future.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.