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From aloneness to Aloneness

From aloneness to Aloneness

By Wallace Huey

Have you ever felt alone?

Have you ever felt that no one understands you?

Good - you are making progress!

God is One. God is singular. God is alone. We are born in the image of a child. We grow in the image of man. We transcend in the image of God.

Consequently we too must become Alone.

3D consciousness is the consciousness of the herd, of society. And when you observe society at work, it’s politics, it’s media and it’s values, is that you? True it may have been you at one time. But is it you now? To transcend, to become Godlike, we need to grow away from society while still remaining part of it and contributing to it. This means we become a revolutionary. And since it is the Heart that both connects us and has us sovereign, then we become a revolutionary for the ways of the Heart.

And the Heart is really only satisfied when it is expanding. As we grow in years, to be fulfilled and happy we need to expand the tabernacle of the Heart ❤️ to include in the orbit of our empathy ourselves, our family, our country, our planet and eventually the entire universe. It is through such expansion that we come to that place of Oneness and Wholeness where mystics dwell, where understanding is exchanged for knowing, brought on from our empathic relationship with everything living, and everything IS living, when viewed from this perspective.

When we feel oneness with a tree, we do not need to have the importance of forestry conservation explained. When we feel oneness with a child, we do not need to have the need for education described. And when we feel oneness with another we do not need to be familiar with the laws of the land to deter us from doing harm.

Oneness and Aloneness belong together. One cannot exist without the other. Because these are attributes of the Divine.

So if you find yourself feeling more and more alone, rejoice, you are beginning to transcend. I encourage you to surrender to your Aloneness. Not to fight it, resist it or wish it away. Rather instead to embrace your Aloneness, to fall in love with it and to grow into it. For it is yourself, your true magnificent Self.

If you experience pain in your Aloneness, accept it and turn it into something beautiful. You can write a blog post as I am doing now, or paint a picture or write a poem. Use the emptiness of your Aloneness to bring pain and sorrow into awareness and then by expressing these feeling and turning them into something beautiful, you are healing and integrating your Self. There is no more important task.

Then at the end of the journey you will discover you have travelled from yourself to Your Self - and all is brilliance and light.

Wallace Huey, Co-Founder and Director of Training, Trans4mind Ltd

From aloneness to Aloneness
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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.