The Beginning and Ending of Time

The Beginning and Ending of Time

By Wallace Huey

I want to discuss setting and reaching goals from a higher than usual perspective - a much higher perspective.

What if time could end for you? Is this possible or even desirable? What if your mind ceased - ceased to compare, ceased to worry, ceased to doubt? What quality would be created in you?

Such a life is possible - and it is possible even for busy people caught in a busy life.

How is it possible?

For such people I do not recommend sitting meditation. There is no time!

I recommend inneration. Inneration is a word I have invented to describe the collapse of a person's world into a single point. An inner point of oneness and wholeness.

Inneration happens when we have a different relationship with the goals we set ourselves in life. Suppose you want to start a retail business - a shop. In everyday consciousness such a person has a vision for the business they want to create and then this vision is represented in drawings and maybe a business plan. Then the person progresses toward their goal.

The important thing here is that typically in such a person there is a separation between the goal, what they want to create, and their current reality. It is this separation that creates the mind because doubt, worry, comparisons, and stress arise.

How can this be so? The entrepreneur has his goal, which exists in the future. So this creates a desire to reach the goal. This in turn creates the drive and the willpower to act. Then the actions of today are compared to the actions of tomorrow. Then doubt arises as to whether the person can reach his goal or not. Soon worry enters the mind. The mind has become busy. And then the person goes to a spiritual teacher, who advises him to meditate to relax and find inner peace.

Do you see how all of this works, how each part gives rise to the other?

With inneration we have a different relationship with the goal. The goal does not lie in our future. The goal is already achieved - it is already present. Why - because it exists inside of us. With inneration there is no doubt, worry, stress or comparison, because the goal already exists.

To have the goal already exist, we must own a goal that is completely aligned with our life purpose, sensing the goal reside in our heart. When this happens our commitment is total.

So how can we practice inneration? To practice inneration I invite you to work with this goal in your heart and to start by breaking down your goals to smaller and smaller steps.

For example the shopkeeper can have a vision of his shop and instead of breaking it into 3 big steps - find a site for the shop, design the shop, build the shop, he can have 6 smaller steps - make an appointment with an estate agent, find the site, appoint an architect, design the shop, have the job priced, appoint the builder. This will make creating the shop easier and less stressful. So already we can see we are on the right lines. We have reduced our stress levels without the need for any meditation.

Now the person can practice taking this further by creating 12 small steps instead of 6 and each time the task becomes even easier.

In the practice of inneration we want to expand the number of steps until the number of steps become infinitely small and disappear and focus on the first step at the same time. All that is left is the intention to create. So what happens when we do this. The first step is simply to pick up the phone. The second step is to call the estate agent etc.

Do you think in this situation you could pick up the phone? Would the act of picking up a phone be a major challenge for you? With inneration all sense of challenge disappears and you flip into present moment awareness.

All your focus is on picking up the phone. There is nothing else. And because picking up the phone is so easy, the mind is completely still and empty. It did not need to become stressed. Doubt never arose. Worry was absent. There was no need to compare picking up the phone with another action in the past or the future. Unshakable inner peace exists and without meditation!

And time has both begun and ended in the present moment.

I invite you to practice inneration. It will empty your mind and transform your life!

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.