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Deciding Without Thinking


By Wallace Huey

Nearly everyone considers making decisions a necessary skill and an aspect of living that is really important to master. And this is true. But it is true only at a certain level of consciousness. Is it possible to make decisions without needing to think about them?

Making Decisions
The starting point for people learning to make decisions takes place in their everyday 3D or conditioned consciousness. When we make choices from this place, decisions are made out of past conditioning. This conditioning is a raft of beliefs, thought patterns and values that we have inherited from society and from our family of origin. The majority of people make choices from this place and use it as their foundation for living.

Because choices made from this place are governed by the past they are not a creative response to the uniqueness that presents itself in any moment. Consequently decisions made from this place only work partially and generate suffering in their wake.

To transcend our conditioning we need to learn from this suffering and begin to make more powerful choices based on beliefs and values that we have consciously chosen - a better match to who we are as a person, to our core Self.

At this 3D level of consciousness we are living our life, but still not really creating it in any meaningful way.

Making Powerful Decisions
If we choose to learn some personal development skills we can gradually progress to 4D consciousness. This is where decision making begins to become more conscious and creative.

At this level of consciousness we need to make hundreds, if not thousands of more conscious choices, both large and small, and this can cause a lot of stress. For example, when people visit the supermarket they need to choose from among tens of thousands of food products what to eat. Some of these choices will improve their health and some will diminish it, some choices will be good for the environment and some will diminish it.

So people can turn to teachings like New Age learning. Such teachings help them make life-affirming, positive choices that enrich their life, as opposed to negative, limiting choices that have them live a contained, more predictable life. These teachings offer practices like repeating positive affirmations along with developing an awareness of the consequences of making choices, so that your life expands through an increase in life-affirming possibilities.

For example if people have the goal of improving their diet, they may repeat an affirmation like: “Every day I am eating low calorie, healthy foods”. Then when they go shopping it is easier and more natural for them to focus on making the healthy food choices. Such disciplines and practices really assist our ability to be discerning. And this is all good, especially at 4th level of consciousness.

Now we are not just living our life, we are creating it.

Allowing Life to Help You Take Powerful Decisions
At the 5D holistic consciousness, the level of continuous conscious awareness, a new approach to making choices comes into our life. This is where our 5D consciousness perceives, in the flow of our life, all the good choices being presented to us, as it were, on a plate! This is typically called, “Going with the flow.”

With such an approach we give great credence to everything that naturally comes into the orbit of our life. If someone rings us up we discover they have something of value to share. If we are introduced to someone we are surprised to find this introduction is for our own benefit. And our inclination is to respond positively in most of these situations.

Of course we still have our discernment learned at the 4D level of consciousness, however the more we get into the flow of our life, the less this skill of discernment is actually needed. At the higher 5D awareness decision making is easy, very easy. This is what is normally understood as “The Law of Attraction."

This law operates powerfully in our life to meet our needs. Consequently we have less to think about and experience a much greater sense of inner peace.

Now we are co-creating our life with the Divine.

Living in Choice-less Awareness
There is yet another state beyond 5D consciousness which is the conscious state itself! In this state of pure, no-mind consciousness, we no longer need to make decisions, we just know. This is what Krishnamurti called "choice-less awareness” and is actually the enlightened state.

In this state, thought drops away and we are fully present. Whenever we are fully present, what we need comes to us at precisely the time we need it. In its perfected form, where this state is maintained for hours or days at a time, there is no delay - we only have to intend for something to happen and it immediately manifests. This is how miracles are created. And at this level we are not co-creating with God, we have become God. There is no distinction. This is a consciousness where decisions are made effortlessly and spontaneously without needing to think about them! It actually feels as if there are no decisions to be made.

As a person in the enlightened state, we are completely surrendered to the Divine.

Of course to function in the world, work, pay our bills, communicate about everyday life with others and conduct our relationships, we cannot inhabit the Enlightened state permanently. When we are completely present we have no sense of the past or the future. We exist in the eternal NOW. So to live in everyday normal life we would need a small team of assistants to take care of all these practical details!

It was possible to live in the enlightened state permanently in past times when masters lived in mountain retreats and those that needed to see them found their way there. However as more people awaken, often amid the hustle and bustle of the modern world, the practical way to live at the enlightened level is to alternate between 5th level consciousness and the enlightened state. The experience of the enlightened state forms the foundation, to which you can return with the aid of grace, but the practical life is lived in 5D consciousness.

So if you wish to become enlightened I encourage you, by consciously extending this no-mind state through a persistent, empathic, outward awareness, to practice living more and more in the gaps between your thoughts. Await grace to lift you into enlightenment. When it does, be grateful and open to all the inspiration that flows, while offering this inspiration in service to society.

Then, through your own awakening, you will be among the ranks of enlightened beings, contributing to the awakening of humanity.

Wallace Huey, Co-Founder and Director of Training, Trans4mind Ltd.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.