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You Are Not Separate - You Are The Universe!


By Wallace Huey

“Foster the tiny seed of love,
That clings to ‘me and mine’.
Let it sprout into love for the group around you,
And grow into love for all mankind;
And spread out it’s branches
Over animals, birds and that which creep and crawl,
And let the love enfold all things and beings in all the worlds.”

~ Sathya, Sai Baba

You are not separate. You are an individual, but your individuality contains the whole universe. You are One.

OK, so this is an explanation - how does it become your reality? How can you experience it as true?

The path to enlightenment is given in the quote from Sai Baba above. When you started out in life as a newborn, your own needs were paramount. There is little as demanding as a newborn. Their dependency is complete and your demands were announced with regular loud cries, often sending your mystified parents scurrying to satisfy.

Then as you grew you became aware of others and your environment. Gradually you learned to reach out to others next to you and to serve them. And they likewise toward you. It was at that point that peer to peer relationships began.

Then as you grew you were educated, and unless you were extraordinarily fortunate, the education you received taught you to become self obsessed, competitive and ambitious. It was then that you became a confused teenager, college student and later independent adult.

The education you received taught you how to earn a living, but offered little in the way of learning how to live.

But that didn’t matter much because you graduated and entered a society where everyone else was the same. And so you learnt how to compete, win approval and as a result of your endeavors, get an income that enabled you to pay the bills.

Every now and again a tiny inner voice whispered that there was something wrong - but you were afraid to listen to it because by now you had discovered that the only way you could see to survive and pay your way was to conform.

It was then that you stopped questioning.

Robots came into existence on planet Earth long before the mechanical versions of the 21st century.

The love that you so freely expressed as a young child, gradually came to be locked away, buried under an avalanche of doubt, insecurity and boredom.

It was at this point that you departed from the path so clearly laid out in Sai Baba’s quote at the top of this article. That is why the retirement homes of the world are filled with what I call “The Great Silence.” Millions of elderly people who have never lived and who are old before their time. And in these retirement homes, where the whole focus is on keeping the retirees alive as long as possible, this great loss is never mentioned, lost in the great silence.

Whatever you do... “Don’t mention the war”.

However your life can follow a different path. You can learn to outgrow your self-centered tendencies, and to replace self serving with a love of serving. You can learn to dream again, just as you did when you were young.

Then you never hesitated to start what your heart desired and as a result you knew how to make your childhood dreams come true through paper, pens, Lego and a myriad of other resources you found lying around your parents’ home.

This freedom of expression has not been lost. It is yearning to be set free once more.

You can build wonders of the modern world and you can do it with what lies around you. The most important thing is to have a vision, something that really excites, serves humanity and thrills your heart once again.

Then by following your vision and making it real in the world, your heart will expand through the joy of service. As you discover how to serve more and more people and to serve them more and more effectively the power of love will course through your veins, clearing out all the old hurts and psychological debris from the past.

You become not just healed, you become reborn - as a child of the universe. You are no longer worried about working small or driven to work large, you are simply playing, and the more your vision expands the greater the tempo of your play and all without even a hint of stress.

Wallace Huey, Co-Founder and Director of Training, Trans4mind Ltd.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.