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Which is True: Predestination or Free Will?


By Wallace Huey

It’s an age old debate. If I decide to change career and take up a new job, was this predestined or did I choose it with my own free will? If my child is involved in a serious accident while out in a friend’s car, was this predestined or a result of my own free will. And if I develop a heart condition that has me needing surgery, was this predestined or free will?

And so the debate rages, usually generating more heat than light. Most of us simply end up confused.

However there is a way of looking at this age-old question that brings total clarity. And this clarity comes when we add in human consciousness to the debate.

At the 3D or materialistic consciousness, everything is action and reaction. I fall out with my boss and change career and it was definitely ME that made that decision. I am in control of my life. I decide what happens. I am responsible for my actions, even though I spend most of my time reacting unconsciously to my circumstances - although nevertheless it feels like free will reigns supreme!

However this “freedom of choice” may be an illusion and not a result of free will at all, even through it appears to be that. At the 3D level of consciousness we are heavily albeit unconsciously influenced by the opinions, thoughts and beliefs of others. We may have the same religious beliefs as our parents simply because we grew up with them and unquestioningly adopted them. Or we may have religious beliefs quite different from that of our parents, because we decided at an early age to rebel against most of what our parents took to be true. In either case our life in this regard, is determined by our conditioning and our belief systems, even though we consider ourselves free.

So is this “free will” free at all? Not when we are running our lives unconsciously in accordance with our conditioning and beliefs. We believe we are free and we will ardently defend our freedom, even fight for it in instances where our conditioning is aligned with the predominant conditioning of our tribe or fellow countrymen and women and is under threat - but are we actually free?

We are only truly free when we are aware. Awareness is the ability to perceive WHAT IS, without the binding and limiting effects of our conditioning. And this freedom is actually a way of being in the world that does not require us to make decisions or to have choices, because when we see clearly and objectively what is we always know exactly what to do and how to behave.

This is a consciousness that Krishnamurti called “choiceless awareness” because there was no need to make choices or decisions. Everything happened, as it were, on automatic pilot.

This choiceless awareness then is a surrender, a letting go of our freedom to choose on the basis of logic and to trust in our inner guidance to run our life. Choice becomes redundant. The ego, our sense of identity, is still present within us but it has completely given up control.

And when operating from this state of choiceless awareness we experience life more akin to predestination. This is because our path in life is crystal clear. We live our life through a mission that has arisen inwardly, and the closer we align ourselves with that mission, the less control we have and the more our life follows what feels like a predestined path. We're not having to think about it; instead in this state of "no mind" we are nevertheless mindful, we know what to do, we see things as they are.

However, and this is most important, this state of mindfulness is experienced as the highest state of freedom. And that’s the paradox. A life run by our conditioning, and that we consider free at the 3D consciousness, is actually predestined (by our conditioned responses). Whereas a life that we consider choiceless, where everything flows from higher or 5D choiceless awareness, is actually experienced as free even though no choices are bring made!

Such a life is a continuous expression of your own Truth.

And it is the powerful predestined nature of such a life, lived in freedom from our conditioned responses, that had Jesus consent to submit to the cross when he undoubtably had the power to break free, and for Gandhi to volunteer to intervene in a civil war and as a consequence be martyred for his cause of ahimsa or nonviolence.

In both cases martyrdom was the natural outcome of their predestined life - they knew what was the right or natural best consequence of their actions and surrendered to it.

So life is experienced as both predestined and free, and in opposite ways, depending on your consciousness.

Both are true and both can be understood in completely opposite ways.

When next involved in this debate the response I suggest is silence, because silence contains all perspectives and paradoxes beautifully.

The Light
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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.