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Opening the Heart - Without Meditation

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By Wallace Huey

The Heart is the bridge between our three worldly chakras and our three spiritual chakras. And by opening the Heart Chakra we are forming a bridge between the Heavenly and the Earthbound within ourselves. This releases a huge capacity to care in a practical way.

The opening is accompanied by a rising Kundalini which ascends from the base chakra all the way to the crown, healing and integrating as it rises.

So how can we open this bridging chakra and become practical caretakers of ourselves and our planet?

The most spoken about way is through one-pointed meditation and this approach is more generally known. However I want to focus on a method that I have used with great success - the path I call Non-Resistant Loving Service. This approach to opening the Heart Chakra can be used alongside a meditation practice or as an alternative to it.

What is the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service?

In working with meditation to open our heart chakra, we use one-pointed awareness to transcend the busy mind. As we become more adept at focusing on our breath, for example, or a suitable mantra, gradually the automatic and pointless thinking which drains our energy and which reveals our inner chaos, reduces and eventually mostly disappears. It is then that we emerge into what I call a state of unshakable inner peace.

In this state I can choose when to use and not to use my mind’s capacity to think things through, to remember and to imagine. And when we cease to use the mind in these ways it returns effortlessly to an inner stillness, which is not really empty, for it is filled with energy and power. We could call this hallowed inner state a state of Presence.

However we can attain the same state through following the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service.

When on this path we are not engaging with meditation, but with the world around us, the world of action. A good word for it is creative action, for the actions we take on the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service are actions of the moment and are marked by their spontaneous nature.

It is by us walking this path and finding ways of dissolving its many barriers through powerful insights, visions, and original creative responses that we enter into a state of Presence. When on the path there is nonresistance; although there are many hurdles to be overcome, our rising power of inspiration dissolves each one with effortless ease.

How can I walk the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service?

We need to have a vision for our life, but not any vision. The vision we adopt is not one we chose, but rather one which has been given to us through our inner guidance, from our Higher Self - that Self which emerges clearly when we are in the state of Presence. We do not need to have this vision clear or strong at the start of our journey, but there needs to be a hint of a direction that comes from within and we must choose to follow that direction and gradually turn it into the purpose for our life. This vision has to grow to become our life purpose - a purpose that serves Humankind. Without this foundation, we can have a life of action, even a life of creative action, and such action may lead to wealth, but it will not assist in the opening of the heart to any great extent.

The one defining characteristic that sets apart the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service is that it involves a huge degree of self sacrifice. What does this mean? It means following your path even when it produces no or little income. The Path needs to be followed for the sake of love alone. Many around you will advise against it, because the dream seems too impractical, and the path too difficult, but this is the Path you need to follow if you are to open your Heart Chakra. This path does not make any sense to people around you who have an exclusively worldly disposition.

As this path opens up before you, the main quality you need to develop is trust. Trust stops being an abstract concept in your mind and instead becomes the key quality around which you construct your life.

This is necessary, for Spirit is training you to depend more and more on your inner guidance and less and less on logic and reasoning. The skills of logic and reasoning are still available, when needed, but you lead with your inner guidance. And trust, blind faith, is the vehicle Spirit chooses to have you develop this quality.

Walking into the unknown, with trust as your only companion, is sure to bring to the surface a host of buried fears. You may feel overwhelmed at times, most certainly confused, perhaps lonely, as your more worldly friends break away from you.

How do I Know I am on the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service?

You know when you are on the Path because your capacity to trust will need to expand. You may not know where you can get an income. You may not have a secure place to live. Many of your friends may drift away. However something inside, that you can’t explain, has you continue the journey.

What do I experience on the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service?

In the early stage of the Path the main thing you experience is intense emotions like fear, anger, hate, jealousy and grief. All of these intense emotions need to be expressed. This can be done by finding a quiet place and letting out this raw emotion, just letting rip. Art is also a great release, be it painting, music or sculpture. As you do so you will notice that much of this raw emotion is actually coming out of your heart area and it often helps to push it out with your hand, engaging in emotional release as you do so.

In addition to periods of intense emotional release and raw emotion there will be periods where you realize you are developing heightened sensitivity. You may be more aware of the world around you and of other people, see colors more vividly or begin to tune into people by sensing their energy. Your inner guidance grows in power until it evolves into inner knowing and you become certain as to the path to take.

This increasing sensitivity helps equip you to live life on the edge and to fulfill your vision.

What is the outcome of the Path of Non-Resistant Loving Service?

Eventually on the Path (it will take many years) you will find yourself, perhaps after a long reclusive period, re-engaging more with life. You will make new friends. You will have the realisation of your vision, before you. And you will have huge spiritual power.

You will find that you can effortlessly draw people and resources to you. Eventually you will reach a point where, in the fulfillment of your vision, you only have to think that you need something, send out the intention and very quickly it will manifest without any effort of your part.

These resources are not for your use alone. They are entrusted to you for the execution of your vision. And as your vision expands, so does the inflow of resources. Your job is to pass these resources through your hands and to a make sure that everything that is needed for your vision finds its rightful place.

As the pace of growth speeds up, so you need to become more and more skilled. This process of passing and disseminating the inflow of resources eventually happens so fast that there is no time for thinking. You have become an embodiment of Faith. Life is lived right out on the edge and there is no fear - Love has emerged triumphant through an opened Heart. Where others feel only rain, you enjoy dancing in the sun.

Your Heart has opened and without the need for meditation.

As a Zen Master would say, “Before enlightenment chopped wood and drew water. After enlightenment chopped wood and drew water.” Except now you chop wood and draw water for others and not for yourself. And yet paradoxically your own needs are met abundantly through this cornucopia of sharing.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.