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An Invitation to Turn Yourself Inside Out!

Innernaut not Astronaut

By Wallace Huey

There is change in the wind. Anyone who is sensitive can feel and see it. This change is not in the distant future - this change is now.

There is a cry going out into the world. It is the cry of millions of people who are in despair. It is the cry of awakening. A friend of mine went to a healer recently. He said, "Help me, my heart is broken." The healer said, "Your heart isn't broken, your heart is open!"

This transformation of the human heart, is the greatest transformation that can happen to a person. Why? Because it is their newly open heart that allows them to turn themselves inside out.

This is not an idle statement. When I was going through my own inner transformation, and my heart opened, I actually had an experience for a few days where I felt like I had literally been turned inside out. I experienced the outer layers of my body as extraordinarily vulnerable. So much so that at that time I could not bear to have my girlfriend touch me (much to her consternation). I was simply too vulnerable.

So what is it like to find ourselves turned inside out?

In simple terms it means that all that we have kept hidden, all our doubts, fears, brokenness, secrets, anger, sadness, worries and stress come out into the open to be expressed in some way. Such expression can be through art, music, dance, writing, or conversation, but the one powerful need when turning inside out, is for all that is within to be expressed.

Such expression can be raw, untamed and even overwhelming, because once such expression starts it develops a life of its own. It cannot be stoped. When I was going though my personal metamorphosis I was living alone in a war zone in Belfast, with little money and few friends. However I had all I needed for the inner journey because I had time and a roof over my head.

So what are the characteristics of the person who has turned inside out and who has his vulnerability on the outside.

Such a person has...

  • Extraordinary sensitivity
  • Heightened awareness
  • A deep and powerful sense of inner peace
  • And a natural tendency to act in harmony with all around him and with the natural world.

It is these qualities that empower such a person to take risks, not just for personal gain, but for the benefit of humankind and to live powerfully in the world, but not be corrupted by it.

Such a person is like water. He can flow with any situation. He can adapt and be flexible. He is unobtrusive. If you met him he would seem unremarkable until he spoke and the light began to shine from his eyes.

I like to think of this new kind of person as Mr Ordinary Man. The world needs a new kind of person. We need Mr Ordinary Man and Ms Ordinary Woman to spring up in ever increasing numbers. Each to stand for their own personal life calling and to be examples in the world of what men and women can be.

It is this awakening of Mr Ordinary Man and Ms Ordinary Woman in huge numbers that will heal our world. This is what I call the Only Revolution, because it is the only revolution that will heal our planet.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.