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4. Money is Like Water


By Wallace Huey

When I help my clients for spiritual teaching to understand money, I often compare it to water. And there are many correspondences...

Firstly, water flows, it’s a liquid. And money flows as well. That’s why financiers talk about liquidity, which is the ability or ease with which the value of an asset can be converted into cash, so that’s its value can more easily flow into other purposes.

Secondly, water carries the subtle energetic imprint of its handlers. For example, if water is flowing through a city and they have poor pollution regulations, the water in the city’s rivers will be polluted. Similarly, if money is earned through corrupt ventures like gambling or cigarettes, or by exploiting people’s labour, or from engaging in activities that facilitate violence like arms dealing, the money will be tainted with the subtle imprint of low quality or no values and will not benefit the person when they go to spend it. On the other hand, if money is earned from work that is of real value, like education or agricultural products, the person will be delighted with their work and will feel really good about spending the money earned.

Thirdly, water helps things to grow and so does money. As water flows across the landscape it nurtures the crops, plants and trees on which we all depend. Money is no different. As it flows from one project or business venture to another, each venture it touches it helps it to grow. When it flows into families, it helps the family to prosper and everyone to get their needs met.

Fourthly, water is abundant, it is everywhere, in varying quantities on planet Earth. And, provided the water is pure, everywhere it flows it gives rise to life. So too with money. Money is becoming increasingly abundant on planet Earth. There is more and more of it. In countries like Denmark, where the flow of money is governed by high community values, it goes to where it is needed. Those countries prosper and the people are happy. In counties where the money is not shared much, and where it is tainted with a lack of values and used to exploit people, like the USA, there is much more crime, violence and public disorder.

Fifthly, water can be saved up. When we create dams and reservoirs, we are able to save water. This means we can release it in times of drought to rescue a situation and maintain abundance. In a similar fashion, we can store some money in our bank accounts or secure investments, so that we can draw on it in times of scarcity to maintain the abundance in our lives.

Sixth, water can be used to increase the level of care. This happens when we irrigate crops and have piped water which is fed in just the right amount, to support plant growth. Similarly money can be used to build infrastructure for the care of others. For example hospitals can be funded, either by trusts or taxes, to provide health care where it is most needed.

Seventh, we can have fun with water. As the image at the top of this article shows we can use water to create art and things of beauty that we can all enjoy. Similarly we can spend some of our money to create parties, and works of art like music events, that are beautiful and that we can all be uplifted by.

These are seven ways in which money is like water. Indeed we can all look to and be inspired by water to discover enlightened ways in which we can use the money in our lives.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.