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5. The Importance of Values
When Working With Money


By Wallace Huey

Money is simply a vehicle that is used to carry energy and cause things to happen in the material world. As an energy carrier for our life in this world, the pursuit of amassing money for its own sake is meaningless. It’s as if you appreciated the electric current that kept your home cool in summer, instead of the fan that blew the cool air around the room. The electric current is needed of course to make the fan work, but the value is in the actions of the fan itself.

Similarly money can be used to purchase arms for a war, or agricultural equipment for an region in need of food. Whether you engage in one or the other is a reflection of the values you hold. If you value fighting to the death as a way of resolving conflict that value may well influence you to trade in arms. If you value the importance of working with nature and feeding and nurturing people that value may well influence you to trade in agricultural equipment. In both cases you can make money legally but the effects of how you make this money will vary hugely depending on which area of life you trade in.

It may even be the case that it is easier and much more profitable to make money in arms trading than in agricultural equipment. And since many people judge our status and ability by how much money we make and not by how we make it, we may have much higher status in society and be feted everywhere we go if we are a successful arms trader rather than a successful trader in agricultural equipment.

Another less extreme example might be where you are working in sales and your sales manager is requiring you to make exaggerated claims for the products you sell. Before long you find yourself telling customers outright lies. This runs counter to your value of being honest in your business dealings. As a consequence you are living a life of inner conflict and your relationships with your customers is breaking down because they are unhappy with the quality of what they are buying from you.

Now you are faced with a decision. Do you continue in the job or do you resign and look for a better alternative sales job with a company that cares more and that encourages its sales team to tell the truth? You may have three children and a mortgage to pay each month. These decisions are not easy, and involve trusting in the power of love and that everything will work out for the best.

Aligning the flow of money in our lives applies to how we spend money as well as to how we earn it. For example when buying a new car do we purchase the perhaps riskier and maybe more expensive electric car or the cheaper and more polluting petrol car. Again we can call on our values to help us make the decision. If you care about and value our environment that value might encourage you in the direction of purchasing the electric car.

It’s up to you to choose what you want to value and to choose the life you want to live, along with all the consequences that flow from these choices. The important thing is to live a conscious life, a life you have chosen, and not a life governed by unconscious values you have picked up from your parents or from all the cultural conditioning in the media.

That’s why it’s vitally important to look within, to connect with your inner guidance and examine your conscience, when deciding where and how you are to work and what you spend your money on.

For to live a truly satisfying life we need to be fully conscious. This means we are aware of all our actions, and the effects they have. Such an expanded awareness assists with conscious decision making, and this will in turn protect us from harm and keep us on a path that satisfies our heart and soul as well as fills our bank account, even if it first glance it seems to point to more challenging choices.

So it’s very important that as we consider how and where we earn and spend money, we also ask ourselves what we value, and then make sure that how we earn and spend money is in alignment with those values. Such alignment is a vital component in being a person of integrity, where the values we hold are aligned with the actions we take in the world. Such integrity is the foundation of our spirituality and leads to peace of mind, to developing mutually supportive relationships with other people of integrity and to us being able to conduct our affairs with a quiet dignity.

It’s your choice.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.