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Give In and Win!

Give In and Win!

By Wallace Huey

Most people love fighting. They fight with their friends, they fight with their work colleagues, they fight with their marriage partners and they fight with life.

This tendency to fight may range from actually reaching out to strike someone to refusing to accept and fight against a situation in which they find themselves. There are many ways to fight with reality and it all starts in the mind.

So what do people battle with when they decide to fight something or someone? They are battling with the situation as it exists. They are fighting reality.

When we fight with reality, with the situation as it presents, we are actually opposing nature and the natural unfolding of events. We are opposing the entire universe and it's laws of evolution and transformation.

So what can we do instead of fight and oppose? We can give in and win! When we let go and flow we begin to run with the universe and its need to change and evolve.

However this is NOT a passive state of unquestioning acceptance. In order to flow with evolution, with life itself, we need to be aware. We need to become an incredibly perceptive witness. We need to establish ourselves as a disinterested observer of life.

Disinterest is not non-interest. Indeed we can only remain perceptive by being ongoingly engaged and interested in life. Disinterested means we have no personal agenda as to how things turn out. People who exhibit this quality and refuse to fight with reality, come across as remarkably ordinary and low key. Their lack of a personal agenda means that drama, posturing, manipulating, pomp and circumstance are not part of their make up.

Why would I not want to have a personal agenda?

By not having a personal agenda we are able to perceive what needs to happen, rather than what we want to happen. When we ask what do I want to happen our perception as to the path forward is coloured by our likes and dislikes, and our wants and desires. However when we ask what needs to happen, our focus is entirely outward, free of self interest, and it is then and only then, that we can become a co-creator with The Divine.

Consider the affairs of man. Many people ask, why does God let so many bad things happen? Why does God not intervene and stop all this madness?

However God is Spirit. He (She) is creative life force. As life force God is disinterested and a witness to all that takes place. Do you recognise anyone here? Can you see the Divine reflected in Mr Ordinary Man?

Mr Ordinary Man knows how to make the crooked path straight, the complex simple and the confusing clear. Mr. Ordinary Man does this by the power of his perception, fine tuned by his disinterested relationship with life. Mr. Ordinary Man is a seer, who can see and perceive what others cannot and in exercising this skill becomes One with the Divine Energy behind all the affairs of nature and of Man.

When Mr. Ordinary Man acts it is because he knows it is time. When he is still, it is because that is what the situation requires. When he speaks the words seem to spring from an inspired source whose origin remains a mystery. Because he has access to this mysterious source of inspiration and is at one with all creation, Mr. Ordinary Man in all his actions is creative.

That is why Mr Ordinary Man is an unstoppable force. He not only knows how to give in and win, but how to do so with Divine Grace. It is because of this that the full power and force of life and nature join together to support and amplify the actions of Mr. Ordinary Man.

I invite you to join with Mr. Ordinary Man and walk the path with no map. In so doing you will discover how to transform yourself and your world.

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Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance.