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Wonderful Living Room Conversations

Join me in my lounge at Boden Park, Rathfarnham

living room

Wallace’s Living Room, where he holds his enlivening conversations

Join Wallace in his lounge to explore, with others, the mystery of life. Wallace will guide the discussions to new heights and profound realisations on life, its purpose, and meaning.

During the discussions you will enjoy the radiant heat from Wallace’s log burning open fire, and the calming effects of his living room’s subdued lighting… all creating an atmosphere conducive to exploration, connection and friendship.

Wallace will serve tea and biscuits.

You bring the topic, we all explore the questions raised.

Come as you are, bring what you wish, leave when you want.

High quality Wi-Fi is available, so we can aid discussion by sharing online resources.

living room

The front of Wallace’s home in Autumn

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