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Our Civilisation

A message from Wallace Huey

Our Civilisation poem

Today is a time of more and less.
We think more, and know less,
Earn more, and give less,
We are big on quantity and small on quality.

This is a time where we have more meditation classes and less inner peace.
Receive more instruction, and are less competent.

A time where we contact more people, yet have fewer friends.
Use more time saving devices, and have less time.
Express ourselves in a myriad different ways and yet say little of any significance.

We are long on quantity and short on quality.
Big on boasts and light on delivery.
Many in number and few in wisdom.

A time where children understand things better than adults.

It seems our civilisation will be remembered for its absurd wealth of everything that does not matter, and it’s almost complete lack of anything significant.

Do we really want that to be our epitaph?
Do you really want that to be your legacy?

That’s why we need to turn both ourselves and our world inside out.

~ Be Part of This Movement ~


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