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Our Vision in Action

Our Vision in Action

What is personal development?

First of all, what is personal development, as practiced at the Spiritual Teachers site and through the resources hosted at Trans4mind.com? It is learning ways to clarify who exactly one IS, where this is obscured; to develop greater intelligence, life skills and creative potential; and to empower individuals to recognize and overcome their life challenges. In this way, a person's quality of life is enhanced... individuals get the chance to fulfill their dreams, and above all, to discover a genuine sense of inner peace and serenity.

The aim of personal development is to...

Personal development works by enhancing and integrating rational, emotive and intuitive faculties - mind, body and spirit working in unison. This empowers us to live a happy and fulfilling life, through exercising free choice, seeing objective truth and realizing the highest degree of purpose.

Preparing for Worldwide Expansion

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The field of endeavour...
The services provide personal development and spiritual development, both online and real world. These services are provided freely and not for personal profit.

Raising funds...

Spending funds...
Funds are to be spent on maintaining and enhancing the services, which may involve spending money on expert and specialist skills not available among the volunteer community.

Our mission

Our mission is to maintain a comprehensive personal development service dedicated to the uplifting of humanity worldwide, providing each visitor with an abundant choice of resources, to create their path of personal and spiritual growth. We are not linked with a religion or belief system, nor do we seek to control or manipulate people in any way. We work in a practical way with people to help them find their own inner truth and guidance.

At all points, dogma is avoided - indeed, our motto is: "Minds, like parachutes, function better when open." Having said that, we recognize some fundamental, universal truths, also widely recognized by the world's great religions and philosophers. In particular we feel that Love is our essential nature, that by asking - What would love do? - and listening to our inner voice and feelings we can sense inner guidance, and that this loving guidance is the core of our spirituality. If our life is guided by Love, we can be sure we are on the right path.

Our values

Our primary values are:

We are in the business of education and training that helps people recognize, face up to and overcome their life challenges. A key principle in the practice of facilitating our workshops to individual participants, is to always encourage the individual to discover and express their inner knowing. This requires the facilitator to never suppress this process of self-discovery by directing, evaluating or judging the participant's thought process - they need to develop their own insights at their own pace. Being told a truth is not at all the same as discovering it for yourself.

We do not advocate any particular philosophy and are not affiliated to any religious teaching or organization. But we do take an holistic approach, which includes the spiritual dimension of our lives - indeed, we feel that discovering and fulfilling this dimension of our being is the main purpose of personal development.

As our site visitors, we consider you as if you were friends or family. We appreciate your presence and interest and we refrain from the kind of manipulative, over-hyped and time-limited arm twisting that so many other sites resort to. Therefore you'll find the Spiritual Teachers site and the resources hosted at Trans4mind.com to be free of intrusive and unrequested cookies, tracking and advertising.

Our Principles

These 6 principles are used to guide decision making at Trans4mind:

  1. The Principle of the Integrity of the Whole
    The integrity of the whole outweighs the integrity of any part of the group. This principle protects the us at all times. One person's interests are not senior to the financial well being of the participants and the vision and mission we are undertaking.
  2. The Principle of the Minimum
    In all that we do - we do it with the minimum use of resources and complication. This principle ensures economy of effort and simplicity of approach, leading to the discovery of the most effective and user-friendly methods that everyone can understand.
  3. The Principle of Attention
    When listening we do so without judgment and opinion and in so doing enter fully and completely into the other person's world - not necessarily with agreement but with acceptance. This principle ensures we understand each person's point of view and allows us to grow through such interaction.
  4. The Principle of Giving One’s Word
    Each person is asked to reflect quietly before giving their word to any action or task. This is necessary because each person will be expected to keep their word once it has been given, either verbally or in writing. We are all invited to hold one another to account for delivering what we have promised. This principle creates order and efficiency in all we do.
  5. The Principle of Response-Ability
    That each person always focuses on our capacity to make things better, communicates directly when we perceive any situation that calls us to, and does not engage in fault finding or excuses in regard to ourselves or others. This principle ensures that each person takes personal responsibility for each situation they find themselves in and uses even challenging situations to advantage.
  6. The Principle of Believing in the Best in Everyone
    This includes all our participants. While we always seek to appraise every situation clearly and honestly, we can also choose to focus on and nurture the best in everyone. This principle ensures that the positive is emphasized and everyone's personal development needs are met.

All that we do and all that we engage in on the Spiritual Teachers site and the resources hosted at Trans4mind.com is benchmarked against these six principles and adjusted where necessary as a result.

The awareness required of each person in our group to practice these principles cultivates inner guidance, because this is the skill that gives rise to integrity, simplicity and attention.

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