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Wallace on Clare Island, West of Ireland

Wallace holds fast to a world where the strong support the weak, the rich uplift the poor, the healthy heal the sick, honest and open communication resolves disputes, and inspiration and creative action solves problems.

This is the Power of Love ❤️

Wallace is not an influencer, nor is he a coach, a business person nor a charity leader. He does not hold any position in society. He does not use social media, promote himself or seek any kind of publicity. He does not draw down grants. He has never been trained in, nor does he hold any qualifications in what he does. Nor does he charge for his services nor ask for donations.

So how does he succeed without many of the approaches and practices deemed essential for modern day success?

Wallace only works with the finest humanity has to offer. Such people are attracted to his service like a moth to a flame 🔥

He then trains and equips these people to take his vision forward through the power of love.

You can discover how to contribute to Wallace’s Vision here.

You can experience this love by participating in The Planet’s Pivot Point, a vision and practical training to help save the Earth from its many current crises; The Chrysalis, an online place of transformation dedicated to personal and spiritual development; and The Spiritual Path, a custom designed, technically supported, spiritual and personal development training.

Consequently Wallace invites you to explore this journey into love with him for a month, by joining with other members of The Chrysalis without having to make any commitment, so you can experience what it’s like.

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