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What is a spiritual teacher? ▾
How can you benefit from having such a teacher? ▾
How can a spiritual teacher help me? ▾
When is the best time to meet me on Skype? ▾
How does the money work? ▾
What is my background? ▾
What were my earliest spiritual awakening experiences? ▾
What did I do since coming to dublin? ▾
What led me to become a spiritual teacher? ▾
What three of my students have said... ▾
What is the greatest benefit from having me as your spiritual teacher? ▾
What are the freedoms that are available? ▾
What is this freedom from? ▾
Why do I offer myself as a spiritual teacher? ▾
How can I tell the difference between a real and a false spiritual teacher?▾
Who gave you the authority to offer yourself as a spiritual teacher? ▾
Are you spiritually awakened? ▾
Are you enlightened? ▾
Are you free of problems? ▾
What is your goal? ▾
How does this determine the way you teach? ▾
How do you experience life? ▾
How can I too fall in love with life? ▾
Are you superior to other people? ▾
Where do your teachings come from? ▾
Are your teachings part of a particular tradition? ▾
What does it mean - to fulfill my potential? ▾
Do I have to be religious or believe in God to benefit from your teaching? ▾
I can sense there is something in this, but it's still all a bit vague - can you help clarify? ▾
Ok - but is spirituality practical, i mean can it actually help me with my problems? ▾
I’m sorry, but I just can’t see how this is possible, transcending suffering and having unshakeable inner peace? ▾
This is all new, how can I begin? ▾
What are the other services that support these group Skype chats? ▾

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Wallace Huey
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