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The Big Questions Before You Awake

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what is life?
Life is incredibly precious and vulnerable. What is here today is gone tomorrow. That’s why its vital to be connected to the present moment in all its wonder and beauty. Then when our own time for passing comes around, we will be ready. To fully live is to fully die. Enjoying the exuberance of our existence.
big questions
Many of us identify with our body, believing it to be who we are. But is the body me? Or is me, who I am, something else altogether? After all, the body is made up of elements that all came from dead stars, and when we are finished with it this stardust will be returned. Once we realize that we are not the body and that we are spiritual in our essence then a new way of seeing and relating is born. This becomes our second birth.
big questions
In our spiritual quest, we follow a path with steps that mark our progress. But it is a path with no final step because enlightenment cannot be found, discovered, revealed or achieved. Enlightenment is simply a coming back to yourself and seeing yourself as you are for the first time. And this immersion in reality is a gift from God. Enlightenment is an encounter with the ordinary experienced as extraordinary, where all that is speaks to you, and all that you are falls silent.
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The Heart as consciousness does not evolve, it is born. For most of life it lies obscured by the clutter and noise of the mind. However once the mind has completely given up control, and you have agreed to this, then and only then, can the Heart become the guiding light. For the Heart to speak, the mind must fall silent. And for the Heart to command the mind must ask for a Vision. And by obeying the Heart and it’s Vision your life’s purpose emerges and is made real in the world.
big questions
The Heart knows and the Heart feels. Because it knows and feels, the Heart transcends the usual parameters of space and time. Knowing happens in an instant. Feeling is beyond time. This means that the Heart is both infinite and timeless. The mind cannot comprehend it. The Heart does not lend itself to study or analysis, both of which are limited and time bound. That is why people of the Heart are incomprehensible and a mystery to our everyday consciousness. How can the known understand the infinite. Think about it and you will miss it! Allow the paradox to exist within you and you will open to beyond the known.
big questions
For the everyday consciousness, the world is a confusing battleground where goals have to be achieved and competitions won. The meditator discovers, through the process of quiet observation, that the battleground is an illusion and that there is a transparency that gives access to reality. It is then that peace is born.

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