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Making the Human Heart Visible
The Human Heart is coming alive. The heart is such a beautiful instrument. It has its own wisdom and its own intelligence, which guides the mind and awakens the higher human faculties of love and service. But the heart remains hidden. However you can awaken this powerful, beautiful human faculty by making it visible in your own life. It is through the enlightened actions of the humble and powerful, that the human heart becomes visible for all to see and appreciate.
open to a discovery
To offer a gift is a beautiful thing. And a gift can come in many forms, a present, an introduction, a point of learning. However the most precious gift we can give by far, is to give of ourselves in service to others. Remember God does not need our help. Service to humankind is the best way to serve God.
Only Revolution
Those of us who are mesmerized by the media, do not see the approaching wave. The revolution is well underway, but it is not being televised. To see the revolution at play come and join those of us who are working for personal transformation. We tend to gather in the lowly places, remaining close to the roots of society, where we know we can be at our most effective. As revolutionaries we do not seek the limelight, preferring to work gently and quietly with one person at a time. Just as with the approach of spring we cannot see the leaves or the grass growing, so too with personal and planetary transformation.
love is...
In English the word love can mean many things. Indeed love has many dimensions, all of which enhance life. The one thing that runs through all our uses of the word love is that love adds...it does not take away. Just as a person who is filled with love gives and does not take. So love in all its many aspects is about adding. That’s why love is the ultimate life enhancing power.
Only Revolution
Technological improvements, no matter how advanced, will not on their own solve the many problems of the 21st Century. Human wisdom and understanding, softened with love, is the only advancement that will secure the future of our planet. Without this, technical advances, instead of saving the day, will only sow ever greater disharmony and destruction, because these advanced technologies will be increasingly used to enslave and control rather than to free and enlighten.
be like the sunflower quote
Every day the sun streams down from the sky and shines it’s light. It does not ask anything in return. The sun simply gives its never ending stream of light and energy to all of life on Earth. So too God offers, without seeking anything in return, His never ending stream of spiritual light and energy to all life including those people with open hearts.
On Earth life happens because of the physical light of the sun and the spiritual light of the Creator. Both are needed. Everyone knows they cannot blossom without the energy of the sun. But only a small number know they also need the energy of the Creator. And those who have open hearts, effortlessly co-create with the Divine. See if you can spot them - they are the ones who grow more radiant with each advancing year.
more love quote
For the entire existence of the Earth, it has been governed by unconscious natural laws. Then women and men evolved and today we are the predominant species. There is scarcely a corner of this world that has not been changed by our living here. And as we all know, many of these changes are destroying the planet. The solution is very simple, for women and men to learn to love one another more deeply.
Marriage, relationships and the family are where we all learn about love most intensely. And if indeed we do learn, then this love is disseminated through all the other areas of our life, including our working life. This love leads to wiser more wholesome actions. These are the loving actions that will heal the oceans and the land. Then the world will be governed by conscious actions and as humans we will have risen to our rightful status as co-creators with nature and with the Divine.
simplicity quote
Nature is the ultimate teacher. By studying nature and how it works we can discern the most beneficial ways to live for both humanity as a whole and for each of us in our individual lives. For an example of this see Why water is the Elixir of Life.
spiritual power quote
By utilizing our physical power we display physical beauty and do many great things. By utilizing our mental power we can climb higher in both our beauty and capability. However by learning to utilize our spiritual power, we radiate spiritual beauty and have no limit to the great things we can achieve. Even a person who is physically disabled from the neck down, can have radiant spiritual beauty along with limitless capabilities once he learns to harness his spiritual powers.
cooperation quote
Gandhi was once asked what he thought of western civilization? He replied that he thought it would be a good idea! One of the greatest imbalances in our society, which has now spread across the whole world, is an over emphasis on competition and an underemphasis on cooperation - how, to the discerning eye, things operate together for the common good. By emphasizing cooperation over competition we align with natural laws and create miracles that heal the Earth.
light of truth quote
We are living in an age of ever increasing light. Some think the world is descending into chaos - but this not happening. Imagine if you were to visit an unused warehouse at night and you only turned on one light, you would see very little amiss. But as you turned on more and more lights you would see the dirt, dust and cobwebs everywhere. This is what is happening to the world today. As the light intensifies the filth becomes more visible. Then we are more motivated to set to and clean it up!
among the stars quote
There is a big difference between feeling lonely and feeling alone. In our solitude we experience the beauty, the power and the love of the Divine. We enter this world alone and alone we depart. There is great power and presence in aloneness. In our solitude we are never lonely for we are imbued with the presence of God.
beauty quote
To experience beauty is not a luxury. Our Spirit is nurtured and exults in beauty. Why do we pay for these beautiful experiences? Because in such beauty we recognize the hand of the Divine. As people we can do what nature can - create original works of great beauty. But for this to happen the hand, ear and eye of the creator must be informed by a power that is not of this world. The person must be inspired! So that when we experience great beauty the Spirit in us is awakened and when we create great beauty it is because we ourselves are awakened.
spiritual quote
Most young adults are somewhat self obsessed. It's all about them. But if we live well and learn from life, it gradually dawns on us that life is about serving others. This is the spiritual path - from less love to more love, to serving more and more people and serving them more and more effectively. This spiritual journey ends in a total life commitment to the welfare of the entire planet.
Creativity quote
We come into the world alone, and we leave it alone. Everything in between exists through relationship. And it is through our relationships that we discover who we are. In our solitude, we are alone but not lonely - connected as we are to the world around us and to God within us. It is preferable to relate from a place of aloneness.

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