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river of love
Many of us wonder how we can manipulate and control life so we can get our needs met. However if you come from a place of freedom, spontaneity and love, our needs are abundantly met by the world around us.
want to become
The real success is not external but internal. So each of us needs to ask ourselves, what we want to become…and lead our life accordingly. Then we can work with the external circumstances of our life to grow in our personal and spiritual development.
Enlightenment is not a thing, or an achievement - Enlightenment is when you are not.
beauty of universe
To see wonder in a simple stone, and brightness is a robin’s song. By opening to our inner sensitivity the beauty of all of creation is revealed. Have you ever been in a beautiful place and been besieged by camera wielding tourists. So many of us spend our hard won savings on luxury experiences and completely miss the wonder all around us in every moment. By developing our inner beauty we are entranced by the everyday wonder in every moment.
she who sees
By having and holding a vision for who you want to become, you stretch and grow into your full potential. You are demonstrating that you are prepared to take your true potential seriously and to be the person you were born to be.
celebrate quote
Many of us rarely celebrate, and those that do celebrate when we achieve something. Now this is good, but it’s even better to celebrate because we are overflowing, because we are living abundantly - to be so filled with the force and power of life that we cannot but help but to celebrate. When we do this then we are not just living - we are alive.
Awakening is our second birth. The first birth is where the love of a man and a woman gave rise to our coming into the world. The second birth is where your love affair with the World drew down the power of the Divine.
make new person
To reform the planet we must first reform ourselves. And this means each of us needs to be responsible for our own personal and spiritual development. By each of us accepting this responsibility we can transition from a world that is created unconsciously to one that is consciously inspired - a world that is home to ALL its inhabitants.
the mountain is rigid quote
We like to imagine that strength is in the hard, the invulnerable and the rigid. This, we believe, is a sign of power and admirable qualities in a leader. But is this true? If we look around us at nature, we see everywhere the soft and the flexible, overcoming the hard and the rigid. There is nothing more soft and flexible than plant life and water, yet these two wear down the biggest mountains. The soft and the vulnerable are stronger and more powerful than the hard and rigid. Which of these qualities do you draw on to express your own personal power?
don't seek security quote
All through our formal education we are taught to value the known. To not know is seen as weakness and ignorance. But not knowing is in fact the highest form of intelligence, because it opens the way for us to learn from the circumstances in which we find ourselves! This empowers us to develop the pattern of act, reflect, adapt, which in turn empowers us to set out on an adventurous path with confidence. It is the cultivation of these skills that are our only real source of security, for in a fast changing world they provide us with solid ground on which we can walk.
success quote
The foundation of our life are the values we hold and that we commit to bringing into the world through our friendships, families and projects. The higher the values, the broader the vision that will be given to us. Once we have been given a clear vision then everything else follows, the desire to create, the focus for our work and a commitment to action. It is at that point that the Great Spirit behind all the affairs of nature and Man begins to work through us bringing us all manner of unforeseen assistance and meetings, exactly what we need and precisely on time.
growth quote
By creating something wonderful, that the world needs NOW, and then by helping it to grow, it is inevitable that we will attract success and abundance.
purpose quote
Do not worry about how or why you will be looked after. Concern yourself with serving a purpose. If that purpose is your life purpose than that is a magnificent combination, for it leads not only to your ability to thrive, but also to your own spiritual unfolding, your inner peace and your happiness.
humor quote
If the Entrepreneur's idea is a true expression of his life's purpose, he cannot let it go. For his idea has come from and is a true expression of his soul and the soul is an expression of spiritual power, not human will, which is paltry in comparison.
Community and Society
By throwing ourselves into society and offering ourselves in service we are able to dissolve the egoistic shell that has us believe we are in some way isolated and alone. This opens the door to sharing, teamwork and community - and a new happier and more fulfilling life.
Creativity quote
As we travel the straight path of Truth, we become blinded by brilliance. The path to brilliance is both winding and straight. Just as a river finds the route to the ocean through a series of meanders, this is also the easiest and most effortless route. Eventually all rivers, through such meandering, are led straight to the ocean. As human being we are just the same. So to find the straight route to your brilliance, allow yourself to wander.

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