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listening and self expression
The twin skills of listening and self expression are in reality two poles or opposites. It's vital that we develop both and hold them in balance in all our communications, able to switch from one to the other as the occasion requires. If we manage to use these two skills in balance in this way it releases incredible creative power.
man-woman quote
Harmony is a result of balance. Many people think that harmony is an absence of tension. Think for a moment of your favorite piece of music. Is it free of tension? Harmony exists when opposites are held together in a dynamic state of balance. When all is held in balance, we are free to enjoy the pluses and the minuses, the highs and the lows, the loud and the soft - the husband and the wife! We experience these on the surface, but within all is silent at that point of perfect balance.
spark quote
To touch another is to create. Think of the time you were touched by someone’s act of kindness. Did you draw closer to that person? Did you experience love? The Earth is a giant factory wherein people create more and more love. This love, borne of the power of creative relationships, in schools, businesses and homes, will eventually extinguish the darkness.
EQ quote
When we react to another person, our emotions tend to be raw and destructive. However if we respond, and communicate from the heart, our emotions, transparently shared, reveal our humanity. The other person then "gets" us at an empathic level and such communication adds huge emotive power to our words.
Communication and relationships quote
When in relationship it is not at all necessary that we be in harmony at all times. The stresses and strains in relationship are growth pains, whose purpose is to have us learn a new perspective and to attain a higher understanding. That is why teams of people, if they are able to dance in their communications, will usually produce a higher quality outcome than one inspired person on their own. This movement away from and back to balance is the whole creative dynamic that creates the high quality outcome.
Creativity quote
Within every relationship, is a still point. It’s the moment two lovers look into each other’s eyes and just “know”. It’s the point of total silence with each meditation. And it’s the limitless point within. A point has no dimensions. It can come in any size! We are given life to know this limitless point. People ask, what is the point of life? This is the point - the limitless point of existence. To know this point is to know God!
Creativity quote
Have you ever opened your heart to another in love? Maybe you had a fall out. Or maybe you felt differently. In whatever way you were momentarily separated once you opened to that person with love, unity was established. This movement from separation to connection through the opening of the heart is what creates the experience of release. Through your release you have added sparkle and delight to the world.
Creativity quote
Have you ever been with someone and knew exactly what they were feeling? There is something freeing about the company of people who are emotionally transparent. There is no second guessing - no clever argument. You know where they stand and they are standing right alongside you, even in the midst of difficulty. By learning to shine our light in this way and by being in the company of others who are doing the same, the creative energy of the whole world is uplifted.

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