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By living in this moment, here, today, now, we are profoundly connected to the world as it is. The world as it was can teach us but it must not define us. The world as it could be can inspire us but must not limit us. We exist at all time in the present, even when reflecting on the past and planning the future.
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Most people spend their day concerned with the upright way to behave and with obeying authority. But what if you were to life your life upside down and inside out, unconcerned with what others might think? What difference would that make? Those of us who are deeply spiritual love the unusual, the contrary and the bizarre. We long to explore, to push the proverbial boat out, sometimes simply to see what will happen. Eventually, through such spontaneous expression, our lives give rise to a vast wave that carries all before it - the world drawn into its wake. I invite you to let go and enjoy the power of who you really are.
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Many people wonder how they can be blessed in their life? The secret is to open to the light that shines within. As we open our heart to love ❤️ and express love toward others, we discover that we too are blessed by our own generosity! As my old friend Mike Costigan often reminds me, “It’s impossible to swim in the river of our love and not be soaked.”
Improving Self Esteem
We can only love another, if we can love ourselves. We cannot give, what we do not have ourselves.
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The spiritual journey is, in essence, a continual process of freeing ourselves from the known. The known can only be temporary and partial. Our commitment must be to the infinity that is life. That's why, no matter how exalted our achievement, we must only hesitate in appreciation for what has been achieved for a short period and be prepared to step out once more into the unknown because that's where our personal growth is and where new discoveries are made.
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Einstein famously said that any problem could not be solved with the level of awareness that had created it. The problems in our life can act as stepping stones to higher and higher awareness. As each problem is mastered so our awareness grows. And each problem solved in this way gives rise to a new beginning and to our next adventure in living.
Happiness and Wellbeing quote
To chase after happiness is to miss it. The reason is because happiness is a direct outcome from being at peace and when we chase after something we are reacting to an inner desire for something to make us complete. Yet we are whole and complete as we are. All that's needed is to realize this and to settle into it. Then we enter the state of permanent happiness known as bliss.
go with flow quote
Change and flow is the nature of life and each of our lives need to be an example of this. Sometimes we can feel hemmed in and confused by the sheer complexity of our life, and loose our sense of direction. If we remain stuck in this lack of awareness nothing changes and we can feel lost and without any direction. However if we commit to taking action, and one action follows another, it really does not matter whether the action you took was correct or not, the action itself will reveal new possibilities and out of this a sense of direction will emerge. Even the most complex and confusing situations become clear provided we are taking action and following through on these actions. When we do this it is always surprising how a pathway through even the most fraught and complex situation opens up and we can make good progress. So just don’t sit back and wait to come up with the perfect action, simply commit to action, while remaining alert and aware, and the perfect pathway will open up all by itself.
Healing quote
The greatest risk, is the risk we take to be ourselves. For in risking complete authenticity, we have to let go of all that is not who we are. Life then becomes like a tightrope, which stretches out before us. However risking being ourselves is unlike any other risk, because we are always protected. No matter how far the drop, our finely developed inner sense of balance keeps us safe.
Healing quote
Many spend an entire lifetime searching for higher and higher poisons (not a spelling mistake!) of power and influence. However there is a much easier path and this is by focusing not outside and on your next promotion, but within on your next transformation. Through inner transformation the world of Spirit provides you with greater and greater influence. By walking the Spiritual Path eventually you get to have the whole world in the palm of your hand for safekeeping.
Personal development is the way forward...
If your life is unchanging, you have probably adjusted to a situation where you can meet the challenges of life... you can get by. You're safe, sort of. But when you want to move outside these boundaries in order to make the most of your potential and to make your dreams come true, your life challenges then tend to meet you with a bump. Or this might happen if you are forced to step outside your ‘safe space’ through a change in circumstances. Then you need to take responsibility, to advance your personal development.

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