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Inner Guidance quote
When we are open, when we are transparent, then life can flow. Then relationship becomes possible. The human heart opens like a book to others. Through such opening empathy, compassion and love arise quite naturally. Then, as we turn the pages, a subtle but pervasive energy emanates within and around our life’s unfolding story.
Inner Guidance quote
As we tune into our heart, we discover, through an subtle inner listening, what is right and true for us. This is the Pilgrim’s Path. We need look no further for a Spiritual life. As we follow this inner journey a new dawn will fill our whole world with light!
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An idea, especially a truly great idea, has to be woven and formed. The means for its formation is a never ending string of inner guidance, which runs as a continuous thread from a limitless source of inspiration.
inner space
Today the challenge for all of us lies not in outer space, but in the inner space of our own awareness. As we explore this inner space through well designed personal development training and coaching we first become aware of, then throw off conditioned ways of thinking, feeling and relating inherited from our family of origin and from early childhood experiences. We then come into connection with ourselves, the person behind all this conditioning and express it in our life, reaping many personal rewards like certainty, peace and abundance as we do so.
Inner Guidance quote
We cannot make sense of the details of our life unless we are also looking far around and ahead. It says in the Bible, “Where there is no vision the people perish” (Proverbs 28.18). It is this inner need that prompts us to visit and fall in love with places where we feel on the edge. Where we can look into the far distance. Such places assist us to see and experience the limitless within ourselves. Then when the details of our life are understood as part of the infinite we are at peace.
heart made visible
The heart simply refuses to give up. That is why people of the heart cannot be defeated. And this is important because to live from the heart is to live in a way that is opposite to many of the established norms and practices. And this means you will meet with resistance. However because the heart does not give up, with every barrier it encounters it surmounts and with every barrier it surmounts it grows in strength and power. The heart is innocent, like a child, and believes it can do what others consider impossible. And when that is aligned with a willingness to never give up, you have the power to awaken humanity.

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